The First Thanksgiving - Photo Story

October 6, 1620
I hurried to the shipyard as fast as my legs could carry me. I, Anne Chatwyn, am about to take one of the craziest adventures of my life.
I was heading to the shipyard to board a ship called the Mayflower that will take me, and about a hundred others to the New World.
We're leaving because of our religion, you see. Here in England we can't worship God in the ways we believe we should. So me and all the Pilgrims, as they call us, are leaving everything we ever knew behind.
And the only thing I can take with me in a blanket from my grandmother, who is too sick for the long voyage.
This voyage will take courage, faith, and strength... Some may not even make it, but for me it's worth the risk.....
It's worth Independence.
November 9, 1620
Finally, finally, in the New World. So long on that ship, it feels strange to stand on the still land again.
I stood on the banks of this new place.
The land was beautiful, very different from England. But yet, something didn't seem right.
"At last!" Margaret yelled in excitement. Margaret was very energetic but stubborn in her ways.
"It's been so long!"
"The dirt! Oh the beautiful dirt!"
"How I missed you and your dirtiness!"
"Margaret?" I said, trying to get her attention.
"A tree! I forgot you even existed!"
"Margaret?" I tried again but was unsuccessful.
"Oh my goodness it's a rock!"
"You know how long it's been since I've seen a rock!"
"What?" Margaret said when I finally got her attention.
"I don't think we're in Virginia," I said, looking around me.
"I think she's right, the storm might of pushed us off course," Joan said as she walked up behind me.
Joan is brave, strong, and genuine... And is very smart.
"Are you serious?!?! Does that mean we have to go back in the boat?!?"
"The storm caused us to be delayed getting here, there isn't much of a farming season left, if we leave to try to get to Virginia then there will be no growing season at all!" Katherine stated. Katherine is very shy, but she and I quickly became friends.
"Then it's settled then, we'll stay right here."
"No one but our Lord all mighty has the power to keep us from setting here" I declared. "Now come on, we'd better get planting before growing season ends.
December 6, 1620
The winter was harsh, and brutal. Where there was a hundred of us, only fifty remain..... Among them there's Joan, Margaret, Katherine, and myself. We had much trouble growing food, most of us died of starvation and the bitter cold.
Katherine was very sick, I kept her under the blanket next to me in hopes of keeping her warm.
I held her hand, trying to comfort her. Her hands were cold and clammy. I wish with everything in me that there was something I could do or say to make her feel better.
Joan was trying to make a fire by rubbing sticks together,
And Margaret sat on a rock near by.
"Margaret, would you go get some more sticks?"
"What? But I got them last time,"
"Please just get some sticks,"
"No! I always get the sticks! Why don't you get them for once!"
"Margaret go get the sticks!!!" Joan yelled at Margaret, getting annoyed by her attitude.
"Ugh! Fine!" She yelled before storming off.
"Why do I always have to get sticks!"
"Nobody appreciates it!"
"Wow, thanks Margaret for going out into the freezing cold to get us sticks! We really appreciate it!"
"I'll show them! Next time they ask me to get wood I'll-"
"I can't take it anymore! Get me out of here!" Margaret screamed as she darted towards the water.
"No Margaret stop! You can't go in the water! You'll freeze!" I yelled as I grabbed her arm.
" I don't care! I'll swim to Atlantis if I have to! Whatever it takes, I'm leaving!"
Joan, who is much stronger than me, got ahold of Margaret and pulled her away from the shore. "Margaret what is wrong with you!" I screamed at her in fury.
"What's wrong with me? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?! Oh, nothings wrong with me, except that-"
She was interrupted by the look of shock on my face. I couldn't say anything, all I could do was point.
There in front of us were two Indians! They were dressed in deer skinned outfits and feather headdresses.
As soon as Margaret saw the Indians she passed out on the ground.
"I'm sorry we startled you," one of the Indians said.
"You speak English?" Joan said surprised.
"Yes, I'm Squanto and this is Samoset, and we want to help,"
I just stared, I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
"You have a sick one in your camp, we can help her,"
"Joan and I gave each other a quick glance, I nodded my head. All I could say was thank you.
So the Indians helped us survive the winter.
They showed us that putting fish in the ground fertilized the soil so we could grow food.
And how to catch crabs in the sea banks.
Now, on this day, October of 1621. We have more than enough food for the winter,
So to celebrate, we're throwing a feast, to thank the Indians and the Lord for helping us and getting us through that winter.
Let us never forget those who make great sacrifices for us,
And let us never take for granted all the people in our lives and all the freedoms we have, for they are more precious than anything we could ever own.
The End
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful for you!
Have an amazing Thanksgiving!
- Katie :)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I like how you made the water! Very clever!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks! It's actually just blue tulle :)
      - Katie :)

    2. I know, and that's why it is so clever! I may have to use that idea sometime, if you don't mind. :)

    3. Oh I don't mind, if you'd like to do it :) Thanks again!

  2. AWWWW! This was so SWEET! Oh my goodness! I love everything about Margaret! Hilarious. (It is really fun that you used Kit's real name). Great job Katie! Also, sorry it's taking awhile to get the subscription by email up on my site... I wanted to let you know that I also got up a Thanksgiving post yesterday!


    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) LOL thanks, I had a lot of with her. Yeah, I was actually looking up names from the 1600's and Margaret was one of the popular names, so I was pretty excited. Oh it's ok! Awesome, I'm heading over :D
      - Katie :)

    2. OK Katie! I just got the subscription box up! It is on the side bar of my site!


    3. Yay! Thanks for letting me know! I subscribed :D
      - Katie :)

    4. OK GREAT! Thanks! Just to make sure, did you confirm in the email?


    5. Wait, never mind! You definitely did! I just checked! SWEET!


  3. That was such a fun story! I loved it amazing job!
    ~ The Human

  4. P.S. I thought I already commented on this? But our computer has been really slow so...yeah. Sorry it took me so long!
    ~ The Human

    1. Hmmm, I didn't see anything, sorry about that. Oh yeah I totally understand, I have that trouble with my computer too. Oh don't be sorry! I'm sorry it wasn't working.
      - Katie :)


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