Home? Part 2 - Photo Story

Hello friends! I've got Home? Part 2 ready! *happy dance* I hope you like it! Thank you all for being so patient. I would have had it out yesterday but my computer deleted all the work I had done on it the day before :( If you missed the first part then here you go! Ok enjoy! Part 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOSEFINA'S POINT OF VIEW (Translated to English for your convenience)
I stood hidden behind a tall tree as I watched two other girls walk into the house where I was to live.

"I wish I had the courage to do that," I thought sadly to myself.

I turned and slowly slid my back down the tree as a question haunted my mind, "What if I get returned?"

That terrible thought quickly shot fear up my spine. Just thinking of that horrid place made me want to cry, my whole life I had stared out the glass door of that cabinet.

I was never touched by anyone, nor had my hair ever been lovingly brushed by a chi…