AG Q&A Tag!

Hey peeps! What's up? Maryellen here, and I'm super stoked today because.....

I got tagged by Ashtyn from Just AG to do the AG Q&A Tag! Thanks so much Ashlyn! I'm really excited since I don't get the spotlight very often on ADU, so I hope you enjoy getting to know me better!

Now I was going to do this tag outside, but it ended up raining like cats and dogs, so instead,

I'll be doing it in my room!

I'm usually pretty busy since I cook and do dishes in my family, so when I get some free time I usually ether spend it in here or with my sisters.

Alright, let's move into the tag! But first, we have a little announcement.....

All Doll'd Up just hit 25 followers/subscribers! I mean what the what?!? Thank you all SO much for being apart of our family! We love you all and are so thankful for your support <3

On to the rules.....
Create your own AG Q&A Tag button (I'm assume that means the banner, which I made). If you don’t know how, you can…

Independence - Photo Shoot

(NOTE: The outfits my dolls are wearing are not historically accurate, but they're what my dolls' normally wear for The Fourth of July)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1774 A turning point in our country's history, when the colonials decided, even though the odds were against them, to fight for freedom, for independence. War started a year later, and in 1776 The Declaration of Independence was signed by men who believed in God. 1824 New Mexico was still apart of Mexico in 1824, it was life filled with cattle ranches and the desert sun, but in the years to come it would become apart of this great country. 1854 People from other countries were coming to America to find a better way of life. The long journeys were hard, and so was starting over somewhere new. But they followed their dreams to find freedom. 1904 1904 was a time of great change in America, The Industrial Revolution was running strong, and the invention of the a…

How to Fix an American Girl Doll - Part One, Cleaning and Restringing

Hello everybody! Today I'll be showing you the first part in fixing my thrift store find, Truly Me #27. In this part I'll be showing you how to clean and restring your AG doll. So let's get started! So when it comes to cleaning AG dolls, I like to use the most simple method to start, then move my way up from there. So in this case we'll start with the baking soda method that American Girl recommends. You'll need some baking soda in a bowl, Water in a separate bowl, Two small washcloths, And I always like to have a large towel to put under my doll since I seem to always make a huge mess when I do this XD Ok! So first things first, pour a little bit of water into the bowl of baking soda and give it a stir! So AG gives you exact measurements on this, but I usually just wing it ;) It should be a nice consistency, not too thick that you can't spread it on dolly's skin, but also not so runny that it goes all over the place when you try to rub it on your doll. I…