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Love is your Name - Lyric Photo Shoot

Send your kisses my way Bring your sweet heart to me I've been waiting for so long Tell me all your stories Leave some open for me Write name into this song I'll walk through the fire I'll run through the rain I'll wait for forever If love is your name Catch your wind from heaven Send them while I'm sleeping Wake me in the morning sun I'll dream of you until you come I'll walk through the fire I'll run through the rain I'll wait for forever If love is your name Valentines keep knocking My heart keeps on walking Darling I'll hold on for you For you For you

I'm Still Standing - Catching Up

Hello there! How are you all doing? I hope all is well with you! Man, these last 5 months have been such a whirlwind... So much has happened, I've been through just one thing after another after another. But I'm still standing! In the wise words of Pastor Paul Shepard, "God's going to get some glory out of this, I'm not out yet!"

It's funny, I don't really talk to people about the mountains I've faced, like literally 2 people at the most outside my family truly know what has been happening, and my family knows because they've been facing most of those same mountains with me. I try my hardest to be as kind and encouraging to others because I know what a kind word can do, I know what a difference it makes when someone is kind when everything seems to be falling apart. The truth is, I lost someone in my family recently. I had to basically move with my mom and brother while my dad stayed at our home 4 hours away. And people I thought were going …