The Halloween Contest Entries!

Avery: And we're back!
Molly: Hi everyone! We won't keep you from seeing the entries too long,
We just wanted to say a couple of things before we start.
Kirsten: First, we just wanted to say thank you to the people who entered our contest. You guys did such an amazing job and we appreciate you so much.
Emily: We also want to thank all of you guys who have been so supportive of our blog and all the super sweet comments. You make our day everyday with your kind words and encouragement, so thank you so much!
Maryellen: We're also sorry that this up so late today.
Avery: Yep, because of Katie and her horrible planning skills, she forgot that today she had to go out and cut wood for the winter.
Kit: I wish she would put some of that wood in our fireplace because it's freeeezing!
UGH!! It's so cold!
Molly: Now it's time for the real stars of the show! The entries! Please don't forget to vote through the comments!
Taryn from Life of a Farm Doll as a ninja!
Grace from AG Doll Awesome as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz!
Kit and Maggie from AG Doll Awesome as Taco Belle!
Ok guys! Time to vote! Please vote in the comments who has your favorite costume! Just letting you know comments containing votes will not be published, so if you have a question or just have something to say please put it in a separate comment. Thank you so much everyone! The winner will be announced on the 19th!
-Katie :)



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