American Girl 35th Anniversary Launch Review!

  Hola my very cool friends! As you can see, I am not dead! XD I'm so sorry y'all, I know I keep saying I'm gonna get this out of whack posting schedule back together, (and we'll talk more about it at the end of this post as well) I just keep expecting life to actually slow down then it doesn't. Not that it's always bad things that get in the way though, sometimes they're really wonderful things. Just know when I disappear it's never because I've lost interest in this blog or you, that's never gonna happen. This blog means the world to me and so do y'all, I'm not going anywhere :) Anyhoo! Thought I'd do something a bit different today, since AG had a HUGE release to celebrate 35 years!!! Man, that is so crazy, my sister got her Felicity about a year after she was released! She got to see the old Pleasant Company and original catalogs and I'm so jealous lol! XD Just a heads up before we start, I usually don't do these because I

Merry Christmas to Doll, and to Doll a Good Night!

Well hello there, my beautiful friends! Boy, it's Christmas already... I honestly can't believe it. I'm in shock 'XD I'm so very sorry for disappearing on y'all during Christmas! I really wanted to be here and post things (Legit I have at least 2 pages of Christmas post ideas ready to go), but I had a super important project that I started not too long after Halloween. and all my time and effort went into making it happen. I wanted to let you all know though how much I love you, and that I hope you have the most magical, wonderful Christmas possible!!! You are each such a wonderful part of my life and I'm beyond thankful for you! May God Bless you, your families, and your dollies this Christmas! I hope you have the best Christmas day! -Katie :)

What's My Name? - Disney Lyric Photo Shoot

Blue - Uma Red - Harry Black - Group Congrats to Diamond for spotting the Hidden Mickey last week! It was located on the green skelly in the beginning scene. Make sure to watch for the next Hidden Mickey in this post and in all posts this month as we continue the Halloween Disney Villain Takeover! Hope you enjoy! ------------------------------------------------ This is all hands on deck Calling out to lost boys and girls I'm gettin' tired of the disrespect We won't stop 'til we rule the world It's our time, we up next! (Next, next) Our sail's about to be set (Set, set) They ain't seen nothing yet Tell 'em who's in charge so they don't forget What's my name, what's my name? (Uma) Say it louder What's my name, What's my name? (Uma) Feel the power No one's gonna stop us Soon the world will be ours What's my name, what's my name? What's it, what's it, say it loud (Uuuuuuuma,Uuuuma) All eyes on me let me see