Vacation Pics 2021 - Photo Shoot

  Helllllloooooooooo everyone! How are you doing today? Hope you're doing well! So, this is not the post I teased for the email subscriber Sneak Peek awhile back.... yeah, that post isn't anywhere close to being finished 'XD I promise it's still happening! For those of you who might have been able to guess what I'm doing, then you probably know how much I'm taking on with that costume LOL! I'm extremely scared of the costume in every way possible, like the hand stitching makes my carpal tunnel hurt just thinking about it XD Long story short, I keep psyching myself out about it and it's just a lot of work to take on between my regular work to begin with, I'm so very sorry about the delay! :( I promise I'll make it as cool as I can though!! But anyway, I feel terrible for not having anything out for February or this month so I thought I'd share the pictures from our last vacation that I never shared! Hooray! On this trip I brought Molly (Litera