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Look Who's Back Again! - Vacation Photo Shoot

  Hello friends! Hope your having a fabulous day! I just got back from my family vacation a couple weeks ago and I took a TON of pictures! So hopefully you're prepared XD Before I dump the Obi-Wan approved high ground of pictures, what do you think of the header image? I've never done one like it but I hope it makes you laugh :) Ok, hope you enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     My mom made the dolls these matching outfits :)       My mom took pictures too, good job mom! <3     Molly and Janie.     Ivy LOL y'all are probably like, "Wait what?! Where did she come from?!" Well... Ivy was a birthday gift from my parents, but because my birthday was right in the middle of all that happened I never had the chance to properly introduce her. So.... Surprise? Don't worry, there will be a photo story coming up for you to get to know her better!