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It's Fall! - Photo Shoot

  Oh my goodness guys! Can you believe it's fall already? It's crazy! Anyways Molly was so excited that it was fall that she forgot that all the trees at our house are evergreens. She was pretty disappointed when she remembered, so to make her feel better, I got out the fall decorations so she could play in the leaves! And I even got a few pictures too. I hope you like them, we had a lot of fun taking them :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------     "Look at all those leaves!" Molly exclaimed         "I found a pumpkin!"         "Yay! Leaves!"           "Do you like my new hair do?"       "Oops! one fell on my head!"       Hope you all have a beautiful fall! Let us know in the comments what's your favorite part about fall and if you like our blog please follow! Have an awesome day!   Ka

Crafting With Avery - How to make doll cameras

☆     Hello everyone! It's me, the queen of crafting here to show you how to make.....     Cameras!     You might remember theses from our "Kit's Photography Catastrophe" photo story. I'll be giving you a step by step guide on how to make them.     First I'll be showing you how to make the modern camera, this is based off of a camera from American Girl Ideas which I modified so I could use what I had. Guys, this site is an 18" doll lover's dream. If you've never been on there, Please go visit it, it's awesome! For this craft you'll need...     Regular or mini popsicle sticks,     buttons,     a nice big piece of paper,     just a little bit of white paper,     scissors,     and a hot glue gun.     You will also need a pencil,     a ruler,     and depending on which kind of popsicle stick your using, you may need a razor blade.  *NOTE, P