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Fixing an Amrican Girl Doll - Part 2, Re-wigging

Hey peeps! Today I'll be showing you how I re-wigged #27 and the final product! You may remember in THIS POST  and in PART 1  that her nose was scratched up and there was a tiny shine mark on her forehead, well I was looking for them when I was working on this post and they were gone! I think that because the scratches weren't very deep, that the graininess of the baking soda filed out the scratches and the shine mark! So I won't be showing how to remove those today, but don't worry! If you take pictures of your dollies outside than you know how often scratches and shines happen XD So when it does then I'll totally do a tutorial for y'all, but for now we'll just be re-wigging :)   You will need.....     A DOLL WIG SIZED 10/11  I find that the best place to find doll wigs is eBay! Just search "American Girl doll wigs" and you'll have lots to choose from. I'll be putting a Girl of the Year Isabelle Palmer wig on #27, I found