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Doll Together This Christmas - Christmas Photo Shoot

Hello everyone!!! Merry Christmas!! Late..... Christmas? Sorry I really tried to get this out sooner but we had an emergency so it's been an interesting week and a half XD I know this isn't much, and I wish I could do more, but I hope you still enjoy! Let's get into it! -------------------------------------------------------------------- First up we have our lovely Janet and Jasmine! Fun fact that I don't know if I told y'all, but Jasmine actually broke. Yes you heard that right, just straight up BROKE! In 2019 I was picking dolls to bring to my and Jewel's (From Doll Notebook, her blog got taken down thanks to Wordpress -_- I don't remember/understand what exactly went down there, but if you had the pleasure of reading her blog and getting to know her during her time on Doll Notebook I can confirm she's just as epic in real life!) first meetup and I picked up Jasmine and her leg just fell off. I was already having a bad day so I was devastated! So! With