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How to Fix an American Girl Doll - Part One, Cleaning and Restringing

    Hello everybody! Today I'll be showing you the first part in fixing my thrift store find, Truly Me #27 . In this part I'll be showing you how to clean and restring your AG doll. So let's get started!     So when it comes to cleaning AG dolls, I like to use the most simple method to start, then move my way up from there. So in this case we'll start with the baking soda method that American Girl recommends. You'll need some baking soda in a bowl,     Water in a separate bowl,     Two small washcloths,     And I always like to have a large towel to put under my doll since I seem to always make a huge mess when I do this XD     Ok! So first things first, pour a little bit of water into the bowl of baking soda and give it a stir! So AG gives you exact measurements on this, but I usually just wing it ;)     It should be a nice consistency, not too thick that you can't spread it on dolly's skin, but also no