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Merry Christmas to Doll, and to Doll a Good Night!

Well hello there, my beautiful friends! Boy, it's Christmas already... I honestly can't believe it. I'm in shock 'XD I'm so very sorry for disappearing on y'all during Christmas! I really wanted to be here and post things (Legit I have at least 2 pages of Christmas post ideas ready to go), but I had a super important project that I started not too long after Halloween. and all my time and effort went into making it happen. I wanted to let you all know though how much I love you, and that I hope you have the most magical, wonderful Christmas possible!!! You are each such a wonderful part of my life and I'm beyond thankful for you! May God Bless you, your families, and your dollies this Christmas! I hope you have the best Christmas day! -Katie :)