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Happy Birthday

    Hi Everyone! So you're probably wondering why I didn't do a post for Easter, I'm sorry! It's been so windy out here, and it rained and snowed one day. But I'll be getting it put out this week, but today is a special day too. Today is my Mom's birthday! So I took her beautiful dolls out for a photo shoot. Here it is... -------------------------------------------------------- Mary Evelyn, my mom's favorite doll. She was an early Christmas present last year along with Carolyn.   Mom, thanks for always being so awesome,     For always being there for us,     For being strong when things were tough.     And for believing in me when I didn't,   Carolyn, an early Christmas present along with Mary Evelyn last year.   Thanks for laughing at my awful, corny jokes XD     For taking me to ballet every week,     For being my teacher my whole life,     And for loving us even when we mess up