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Tags and Awards :D

  Hi everyone! I've been nominated for a few tags and awards over the last couple months, but because of Nutcracker and introducing the new dolls it was a while before I could do them. So thanks to everyone who nominated me for being so patient! And thanks for the nominations too :) Just to let you know I'll also be trying to nominate certain tags/awards to people I haven't seen do them yet so that you all can do one you haven't before! Ok, shall we get started? --------------------------------------------------     I was nominated for The Old Posts Tag by AG Homeschooler , Thanks so much AG Homeschooler! Here are the rules....   1. Link back and talk about your first 5 posts. 2. Nominate 5 people 3. Have fun!     Welcome!   This was the very first post I did! I think it was pretty good, (I wish I remember how I made the pictures look decent XD) I really wanted to kick things off with my dolls and kinda show you all what the blog would

Home? Part 2 - Photo Story

Hello friends! I've got Home? Part 2 ready! *happy dance* I hope you like it! Thank you all for being so patient. I would have had it out yesterday but my computer deleted all the work I had done on it the day before :( If you missed the first part then here you go! Ok enjoy! Part 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOSEFINA'S POINT OF VIEW (Translated to English for your convenience) I stood hidden behind a tall tree as I watched two other girls walk into the house where I was to live. "I wish I had the courage to do that," I thought sadly to myself. I turned and slowly slid my back down the tree as a question haunted my mind, "What if I get returned?" That terrible thought quickly shot fear up my spine. Just thinking of that horrid place made me want to cry, my whole life I had stared out the glass door of that cabinet. I was never touched by an