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Trip to The AG Store!

  'Ello mates! (< Sorry, I've been talking in an Australian accent for no reason the last few days XD) So I was out of town for a while when my grandfather had to go to the hospital (And sadly is still there..). But, it just so happens that there's an American Girl Store not too far from his house! So we decided to stop by a couple weeks ago and it was a awesome! They had the new releases out, but we went on the 30th, so I just missed Blaire's release... That's ok though :) I hope you enjoy these pictures! Sorry some of them are a bit cringy, I was worried about using the flash in the store.   ------------------------------------------------     Look who was on display right when you walk in! Molly insisted a picture must be taken.     Here's Nanea! This was the first time seeing her in person for us. I have to say though, I'm not really a fan of the way they painted around her eyes.... I feel it's a rather odd choice to paint