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Nothing Left to Lose - Disney Lyric Photo Shoot

Very well done to Emily who spotted the Hidden Mickey last POST ! It was a tricky one but you got it! It was in the plate on the table towards the end of the post :)   Cassandra - Teal Varian - Orange *Be on the lookout for a hidden Mickey head in each post this month, and please enjoy!* ----------------------------------------------------------- "Cassandra, you're angry, I get it." "Believe me I...." "Know what it's like..." "But you're making a mistake!" The path of hate is a dangerous track You take one step and it's hard to turn back It pulls you along and though it feels wrong it feels right Don't you see this path your on leaves a permanent mark It feels good at first, then it slowly turns dark With each passing day You're further astray from the light Suddenly, You lose your way and lose the thread Lose your cool, then lose your head Every loss is harder to excuse Then you'll lose your faith and lose your soul!