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God's Bigger - Covid 19 Talk....

  DISCLAMER: Things like this are something I try really hard to stay away from on my blog. I want this blog to be an amazing escape from the world where you can just be a kid without the cares and worries that come with life, but with such craziness going on in the world right now, I've felt very called to speak and to do something in this time to hopefully help you all in some small way. With that said though, I understand that this is a very controversial topic and many people see this differently. I'm most definitely am not trying to cause a fight, that is the very last thing I want, I respect all your opinions and the way you see things. But this isn't about who's right, it's about how amazing and loyal God is and that He's bigger and stronger then all of this. So please keep comments respectful of others, I definitely want to hear from y'all and stick with you through this, I just don't want to cause any fights if we see this in different way