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How to Beat a Monkey at Chess - Lyric Photo Shoot

  Each character will sing/talk in different colors (Hopefully this doesn't get too confusing lol XD) Carter - Blue Grace - Purple Addy - Green Molly - Red Monkey - Pink Group - Black ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This piece, takes that piece But that piece then takes mine.... I can't lose my Rook while I'm lagging way behind! I'll play safe, and wait for an opportunity I won't let that cheeky monkey make a monkey out of me! "You've got to be kidding me...." "Hey Carter! Whatcha up to?" "I'm uhhh-" "Chess with a monkey, huh?" "Yeah....." "Need any help?" "Thanks, but I think I can beat one little monkey." "How much time do you got?" "Well, lucky for you, your old friend Grace just so happens to be a three time state champ at chess," "They used to call me "The Saving Grace" of chess." "Ugh really?" &q