How to Beat a Monkey at Chess - Lyric Photo Shoot


Each character will sing/talk in different colors
(Hopefully this doesn't get too confusing lol XD)

Carter - Blue
Grace - Purple
Addy - Green
Molly - Red
Monkey - Pink
Group - Black


This piece, takes that piece

But that piece then takes mine....

I can't lose my Rook while I'm lagging way behind!

I'll play safe, and wait for an opportunity

I won't let that cheeky monkey make a monkey out of me!

"You've got to be kidding me...."

"Hey Carter! Whatcha up to?"

"I'm uhhh-"

"Chess with a monkey, huh?"


"Need any help?"

"Thanks, but I think I can beat one little monkey."

"How much time do you got?"

"Well, lucky for you, your old friend Grace just so happens to be a three time state champ at chess,"

"They used to call me "The Saving Grace" of chess."

"Ugh really?"

"...... Yep"

"That is so bad...."

Wait now! Don't take it! That monkey's set a trap!

He wants me to take it?

He thinks you're quite a sap

But check out this Bishop

You'll take his piece for free!

And that monkey's got no chance to make a monkey out of me!

"Three time state champ huh?"

"Hey! In my defense, I've never played a board I haven't strategized from the very start before."

"Alright, kids! Playtime is over!"

"Is that Addy Walker, President of the All Doll'd Up chess club?"

"That is my title!"

"Look y'all, I think I got this, okay?"

"You do now...."

Let's set a gambit, 

we'll take him by surprise!

Not really an option

He took like....

Half my guys

Let's send in the big guns and force his King to flee

So that monkey doesn't further make a monkey out of me!


"Whelp, that's all I got...."


"But you're the President of a chess club?"

"Yeah well, the title didn't come with a guarantee win against a monkey, y'all!"

"Plus I've always been better at organizing groups than playing chess."

"Maybe we should just let the monkey win?"

"No! It's okay, I appreciate it. But I really, TRULY, do not need anyone's help-"

"HELP?! Did somebody need help?!"

"Oh my gosh really???"

"Woah Molly!! I didn't know you knew how to play!" 


"No we all know she doesn't please everyone-"

"Oh sweet is that a monkey?!?"

"No Molly, it's a hairy octopus."

"Guys! I can translate! I'm fluent in Monkey!"

"Molly, I know you're trying to help but I'm pretty sure that's imposs-"

"No no, do you know what? Sure! Fine! Why don't we try it?"

"Go ahead!"



(Hello, a Monkey! I talk in language well!)


(Are playing a chess you? Your is very swell!)


(My win wants to friend you,)


(So loser will you be?)


"I'm pretty sure it's our turn....."


"Ow! HEY!!"

"Listen, ladies..."

"We are representatives of humanity!"

"Against a monkey!"

*Monkey sounds*

"How long have we been oppressed?"

"3/4th's of a blog post and almost a whole musical number?"

"Well no more! NO LONGER! We've been under the monkey's thumb for too long!"

"We can beat this monkey!"

"For our fathers..."

"For our forefathers!"

"For your presidency!"

"For Saving Grace!"

"For your absolute zero experience and no business even being here!"


"A billion monkeys and a typewriter may be able to write Shakespeare, but one monkey will not beat us today."

"I may ramble, and not know what I'm taking about all the time" 

"But we can win.... Together, as one!"


One of these pieces...

Has got to do the trick!

But how can we beat him?

I'd recommend a stick

It's crazy!



Completely nuts.....

But I think we made a monkey out of-

Completely made a monkey out of-

We finally didn't let a monkey-

Make a monkey


Out of us!




"Huh, ummmmmm.... Huh."

"Well that was an experience..."

"Yeah... I'll help you clean up."

"Me too."

"Thanks guys."


How to Beat a Monkey at Chess

(Random Encounters)

Guys.... First off, I'm so sorry this didn't get posted yesterday! There were fire evacuations where my grandma and sister's family live and we had to get out the door quickly to go help. Everyone is okay now and I really did try to get this out last night but I just couldn't get it all together :( Second, y'all wouldn't believe how incredibly bad the internet is here lol! XD There are literally fires everywhere in my state and the smoke in the air is causing so many connection problems, I've literally been working on this nonstop since 10:30 am (it's almost 7:00 pm when I'm writing this) because each picture took about 10 minutes to upload..... Ya'll, there are so many pictures in this lol!! It was pretty excruciating to say the least, but I really hope you enjoy this one even though it's late and a bit different! I first heard this song last year while babysitting (I can't remember if I've told y'all yet, so for those of you who didn't know I'm the babysitter of my favorite little dude, my nephew :)), Oliver was taking his nap and I was the only one home, so I was just hanging out in the front room looking for something to watch. While scrolling through YouTube suggestions this video popped up. Now let me tell you guys something about me, if it looks weird, I'm 100% in, How to Beat a Monkey at Chess? I could not have clicked it faster. So I'm watching it, and it's pretty much as weird as I thought it was going to be, then suddenly I hear someone cracking up. Startled, I look up to see my year old nephew who barely is able to stand at this age, wide awake and losing his mind over this song. It honestly made this weird song that much more memorable and I knew at some point I had to make a post based off it. And really did the "I am fluent in monkey!" thing have Molly written all over it or what? XD Anyhoo, I talk way too much lol! XD Hope you all enjoy this post! If you want to join the ADU Fam and get new post notifications, behind the scenes, sneak peeks, and more, then sign up for our Email Subscription List! You can do so by putting your email into the "Follow by Email" thingy in the sidebar, or if you're viewing this in July, then simply email me at and I'll add you to the list! Thank you all so much! I'll see you in the comments :) Have an awesome day!!!

-Katie :)


  1. I hope your grandma and sister's family are doing okay. Great job on the blog post and stay safe! Always love a good chess game...even with a monkey. ;)

    1. Thank you so much!! The fire was brought back under control enough that they were able to go home today :D They're still in set mode I believe (the system we use in our state for fire safety is Ready, Set, GO, so they still have to have stuff ready just in case it passes into Go), but I think they're going to be alright now :) thank you! I worked extra hard on this one so I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Oh yes, lol!! I've honestly always wanted to learn how to play chess, and I can only imagine the adventure it would be to play against a monkey lol!! XD
      - Katie :)

  2. HAHAHA KATIE! I LOVED this! How adorable! And I can’t WAIT for more posts, eeek!!!!

    1. AHHHHHH THANK YOU MADI!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I honestly get such a kick out of this bazaar concept and I did my best to translate the strangeness into this shoot XD thank you!!!!! Can't wait to post more!! Next one will be introducing a very special girly in July! ;D
      -Katie :)

  3. Replies
    1. Lol it went through!!! XD it was just this one and the one above right?
      -Katie :)

  4. hahaha! This is so funny!
    WOW!! ten minutes is a long time...
    Your cousin, lol, that is so funny!!

    1. Thank you so much, Haley!!! So stoked that you enjoyed it! And yeah, it was pretty rough to say the least lol 'XD Yesssss he is truly one of a kind, he makes us all laugh pretty much everytime we see him XD
      -Katie :)

  5. This is pretty hilarious! I mean, who'd have thought there would be a song like this out there? Love the photos.
    I hope the fires get better. <3

    1. Thank you! And I know right? It is literally the most random idea but it works so well! Thank you so much, Diamond!!! We're not quite out of it yet but it's starting to get a bit better now :)
      -Katie :)

  6. This is great!! It's like a photo story and a lyric photo shoot all in one, and I love it! We need more of these! And Molly - that was funny! Actually, Addy was funny too. They all were. Plus Carter's expressions were pretty perfect. What kind of doll is he?
    Hope your sister and grandma are okay.

    1. Whoops! I replied to this yesterday, I guess it didn't go through, so sorry about that!!! Thank you so very much, ForestPoodle!!! I had a ton of fun making this one so I'll definitely make more in the future if possible! :D lol thank you! When I first saw the video it was pretty immediate who Molly was going to be lol, I'm pretty happy with how everyone fit into their roles as well though. Carter is a Battat doll that I fixed up awhile back. Battat was the 18" dolls of Target before Our Generation and were making boy dolls before that was the "in" thing for doll companies to do. Weirdly enough though, Carter was one of their girl dolls. I gave him a new wig and he didn't need much work outside that, I'm really happy with how he came out :D thank you so much!!! They're all good now :)
      -Katie :)

  7. This is so funny! The pictures fit perfectly, and the randomness of the whole thing makes it even better. XD
    ~ Megan

    1. Lol thank you so SO much, Megan!! I had so much fun with this one, so I'm really glad you enjoyed it too! :D
      -Katie :)

  8. This was a great post I love it! By the way I just nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award, here is the link to the post just in case your interested:

  9. I love this post! You are so talented, by the way I just nominated you for Mystery Blogger Award just in case your interested here is the link:

    1. Thank you so much, Hailey! That is so kind of you to say, it means a lot :) oh awesome okay!! Thank you so much! I'll definitely check it out and do it if I can, I haven't done a tag in a really long time so it should be really fun! :D
      -Katie :)

  10. Your welcome :) Sorry I posted the comment twice, I wasn't sure if it worked or not.

    1. Definitely no worries! I've done it many many times lol XD so it's definitely all good :)
      -Katie :)


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