Rainbow Connection (Reprise) - Lyric Photo Shoot

Molly - Red

Emily - Blue

Maryellen - Purple

Kit - Green

Parker - Orange

Janet - Dark Blue

Group - Black


 Why are there so many

Songs about rainbows

And what's on the other side?

Rainbows are visions

But only illusions 

And rainbows have nothing to hide

So we've been told and some chose to believe it

I know they're wrong wait and see

Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection

Between the lovers, the dreamers, and me


"Okay guys! Everyone on set!"

"Everyone take your places!"

"Are you ready, Molly?"

"Yup! I'm ready!"

"Okay! Lights, camera....."


Why are there so many

Songs about rainbows?

That's part of what rainbows do!

"A very special gift, for a very special girl." Aunt Marissa said, giving Clara a hug"

Rainbows are memories

Sweet dream reminders

"Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

What is it you'd like to do?

"So even though Emily and I don't have a ton in common, I'm pretty sure we're going to be good friends. I just know it."

All of us watching

And wishing we'd find it

"I'm almost there! People down here think I'm crazy, but I don't care!"

I've noticed

You're watching too

Someday you'll find it

The rainbow connection

The lovers, the dreamers, and-


"Uh oh..."

"Watch out!!"






"Are you okay?!"

"Is everyone okay?!"

"Everyone's alright! We're all okay!"

"Oh Molly..."

"It's beautiful!"

"Hi there! Welcome to All Doll'd Up!"

Life's like a movie

You write your own ending

Keep believing

Keep pretending

We've done just what we've set out to do!

Thanks to the lovers

The dreamers

And you!

Thank you for 4 years!!!


Rainbow Connection (Reprise)

- The Muppet Cast

(The Muppet Movie)

Dang y'all dolls really are just giant dominos, aren't they? one falls they all going down! XD I literally almost started tearing up several times doing this post... Like how do I even comprehend this all! 4 years! 4 years of blogging, I was 4 years younger than I am now when I started like what the heck?! XD All this time, with so much support.... How do I even express my thanks and how much it means to me while being able to truly convey how I feel?  As you may have noticed, I went with something different for the Blogaverseray post this year. I love both the original and reprise versions of Rainbow Connection, and something I love is the difference in feeling between the two! The original questioning so many things and the reprise showing how much the Muppets have learned and grown through their adventure, and that it wouldn't have been possible without each other. I like to think the blog has been that way, we started out small, with so many typos and way fewer dolls, but the passion and dream was there. Now we're here! 4 years later I've learned and grown so much, I pushed myself to places I never dreamed possible and met so SO many wonderful people. My pen pal I had the pleasure of meeting through blogging! She was one of my biggest inspirations for starting a blog and someone I looked and still look up to in this blogging adventure and also as a person! And the first blog I found that led me into discovering so many more, I actually know the blogger behind it now and hang out with her in real life! She is one of my best friends and we hang out and take pictures as much as we can. She's even come to one of the Hearts on Pointe shows! :D I never imagined I'd make such wonderful friends and make so many wonderful memories when I started. It's such hard work running a doll blog, and as I've gotten older it has NOT made finding time to do it any easier XD But.... It's so worth it. All the hours for a single post, the frustration when Blogger deletes all my work, that one time I sprained my ankle a fourth of the way through photographing "What's My Name?" but pushed though, all 100% worth it. I wouldn't trade this blog and the people I've met through it for the world. Even now that I'm older, and can only really post once a month due to life, I can't say there's ever been a moment I was like "I don't want to do this anymore, I don't feel the same way about it now". What this has done for me, what this has pulled me through, the immeasurable joy posting and talking with y'all has brought me, is one of the greatest blessings God has given me. Thank you for going on this journey with me! I really hope it has brought you as much joy has it's brought me, and that it made the rough days a little better for you, and that you'll continue this journey with us in the years to come :)

Thank you for everything, can't wait for what's to come! I love you <3

Have a wonderful day!

-Katie :)

P.S. I bruised up my knees really bad during a rough Nutcracker practice yesterday and walking around on my knees so much for this post has turned all the bruises black someone help me please XD


  1. This was wonderful! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Your blog is delightful!! (and I hope those bruises heal up soon!)

    1. Thank you so very much!! It was a lot of hard work so I'm really happy that you enjoyed it! :D thank you for being here and encouraging me on this journey since the beginning! This blog has given me more than I could ever repay, and that's in huge part due to everyone's love and the enjoyment in my work. I'm hoping to publish books someday soon all due to the positive reception and joy I've found in doing it here, so thank you so much for everything :)
      (Thank you so much! I'm limping a little bit today but hopefully will be passed it soon :) )
      - Katie :)

  2. I’ve been a ghost reader on here for about a month. My name is Sadie, and this post is so sweet. Four years can feel like a million years. When in reality it goes by in a flash.

    P.S I’m sorry about your knees :)

    1. Hi Sadie!! Welcome to the blog! I'm so glad that you found us over here in our little corner of the internet, I really hope you've enjoyed the past month here and stick around for more! :D thank you so very much, I'm so glad that you liked it! It took about a week to pull together but it was a lot of fun still :) it really does! It's so crazy to think it's been that long already! Thanks again!
      -Katie :)

      (Thanks, Sadie! It's funny I mostly put that in as kinda a jokey thing like "lol life as a doll photographer", but everyone's been so kind about it. I wasn't expecting it but it means a lot :))

  3. Wow! Congratulations of four years! That's a long time!!

    1. Thank you so SO much Haley!! It really is a long time lol, thanks so much for being part of the journey! It means the world! <3
      -Katie :)

  4. Oh my goodness this post gave me chills! This is honestly the BEST blogiversary post I've ever read. I don't know how anyone can ever do another blogiversary post!
    This was masterfully done! I loved it SO SO much!
    (Have I emphasized that enough?)

    1. Oh my goodness I'm gonna cry I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much!! It's one of my favorite songs and I really wanted to do something special this blogiversary (though I'm realizing I'm probably not going to be able to top this next year lol XD). Thanks so much for sticking around for so many years! Your support means the world, you're seriously the best!
      -Katie :)

  5. Blogger makes it so hard for me to comment but OH MY GOODNESS HAPPY FOUR YEAR BLOGIVERSARY KATIE!!! ❤️😭😍

      -Katie :)

  6. Aww, that was an awesome post! Excellent way to celebrate! Before I started my blog I was like, how on earth have people been doing this for so long? But I get it now - time flies when you're doll blogging and every bit of it is so worth it! Also, someone should try playing doll dominos sometime - it'd be funny, but it wouldn't be very good for the dolls, so maybe that should not be attempted . . .
    Anyway, congrats on 4 years!

    1. Thank you so very much, ForestPoodle!! I really tried to do something new for this one since I usually just post something super mushy with random pics that I hadn't posted to the blog before, and this song just seemed perfect :) oh my goodness right? I never imagined I'd be doing this for this long when I started, but I found so much joy in it and it never lost its splendor for me. It was always as wonderful as the day I started. Lol!!! Unfortunately as a doll photographer I've played it all too often. It's not a game the dolls particularly enjoy XD thank you SO very much!! It means the world that you've been here for the ride! :D
      -Katie :)

  7. I cried reading this, Happy Four Year Blogiversary! :)

    1. Aweww I cried writing it honestly, lol! Thank you so SO much, Hailey!! Thanks for being a part of this journey <3
      -Katie :)

  8. I thought this was a goodbye post for a moment! It was so sweet, and played like a video with the flashbacks and all.
    Congrats on four years! That's seems like a short amount of time until you look back on that's happened since then. It's been so cool to watch your doll family/blog following grow!
    I hope your next practice is better, and you have a great month!
    Until the next poat. :)
    ~ Megan

    1. Oh no lol!!! I actually thought about that when I first posted it, I was like "oh man, I hope no one thinks this means I'm leaving, that would be the second post that gave people that impression" XD aww thank you very much!! I really did my best with it so it means a lot!
      Thank you!!! It's almost unbelievable that it's been that long already, so many posts and memories and friends made, it's truly given me more than I could ever repay :) thank you so much for being a part of this journey and being one of my biggest inspirations in doll blogging!! Our friendship is such a blessing to me and it means the world that you've stuck around for 4 years of this crazy journey <3 you're the best!
      Thanks so very much!! I was actually able to talk to one of my regular ballet teachers and he was able to help me find ways to do the step in ways that weren't as harsh, and also recommended knee pads until the show to avoid any more serious injuries lol. So hopefully the next time goes a bit smoother :) thanks so much!! Have a great month as well! Until then :D
      -Katie :)


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