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Happy Halloween! - Photo Shoot!

  Happy Halloween everyone! And if you don't do Halloween then Happy Taco Tuesday! (Who wants a taco!?!) I hope you have a safe and awesome day! My dolls really wanted to do a photo shoot in their Halloween costumes so that's what we did! I hope you enjoy the post, let me know in the comments what you and your dolls are dressed up as :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   First up we have Kirsten in her sweet little candy corn costume! Doesn't she look cute in her pony tails?       Next we have Emily in her Batgirl costume! I have wanted to make a Batgirl costume forever, so I'm really happy I had time to make one this year!       Here's Maryellen in her Minnie Mouse costume! I actually made her dress back in April to wear to The Beauty and the Beast Ballet.       Up next is Kit as a Minion! Kit is totally obsessed with Despicable Me 3 ;)       And we can

The Emergign Blogger Award!!!!!

  Hello friends! I can't believe it! I was nominated for an award by Just AG! I can't even tell you how much this means to me. Thank you so much for nominating me Just AG! And thank you to Natalie for creating such a fun award! If you don't already follow Just AG and Natalie , Then go follow them because they're awesome!! And if you don't then you'll leave me no choice..... Molly will have to unleash her Jedi mind trick powers on you ;) Ok with that said let's start answering questions!   Question #1 When did you get your first doll, and who was it?   Answer Well, Connie was my first 18" doll, but I was only 3 when I got her so I don't remember much about it other than I got her as a Christmas present from my parents. But if you mean my first AG doll than it was Molly, I saved up and bought her when I was 9.   Question #2 Besides AG and blogging, What's your favorite thing to do?   Answer I'm actually a ballet

Mini Kit BFF's - a Collab

Hey everyone! Today mini Kit is SUPER excited because today she is doing a collab  with her BFF mini Kit from Just AG!  Please go check out her part of the collab and if you don't already, please follow her! Her blog is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! I don't think my mini Kit can stand waiting any longer, so here it is!   (My mini Kit ) Hey bestie!     (Just AG's Mini Kit) Hi Kit!   They're so cute! I love the outfit on Just AG's Kit. Thank you so much for doing a collab with me Just AG! It's been so fun! Me and mini Kit had a blast! :)   - Katie and mini Kit :)    

And the Winner Is......

    Molly: BOO!     HA! Scared you!     Emily: Uh, I don' think you scared them.     Molly: Oh no they're petrified with fear, I guarantee it.     Molly: Fear not my good friends, for under this sprinkled mask is yours truly! Molly Jean McIntire!     And Once again I'm here with Emily, Kirsten, Maryellen, Avery, and Kit.     And we're here to announce-     Kit: Wait, Avery why are you holding a pitcher?     Avery: Because I'm a genie? And genies always have a magic lamp.     Kit: That's not a magic lamp! That's the pitcher that Maryellen makes tea in.     Avery: No, it's a magic lamp!     Kit: NO IT'S NOT! IT'S A P-I-T-C-H-E-R!!!!     *WHACK* Kit: OUCH! HEY!     Maryellen: Knock it off you two! We're suppose to be announcing the winner of the contest!     Kit: Holy popcorn balls! I almost forgot!     Kirsten: So,