And the Winner Is......

Molly: BOO!
HA! Scared you!
Emily: Uh, I don' think you scared them.
Molly: Oh no they're petrified with fear, I guarantee it.
Molly: Fear not my good friends, for under this sprinkled mask is yours truly! Molly Jean McIntire!
And Once again I'm here with Emily, Kirsten, Maryellen, Avery, and Kit.
And we're here to announce-
Kit: Wait, Avery why are you holding a pitcher?
Avery: Because I'm a genie? And genies always have a magic lamp.
Kit: That's not a magic lamp! That's the pitcher that Maryellen makes tea in.
Avery: No, it's a magic lamp!
Kit: NO IT'S NOT! IT'S A P-I-T-C-H-E-R!!!!
Maryellen: Knock it off you two! We're suppose to be announcing the winner of the contest!
Kit: Holy popcorn balls! I almost forgot!
Kirsten: So, are you ready to see who won?
Molly: I am! So let's not wait any longer.
Molly: Coconut, envelope please.
Coconut: woof!
Molly: Oh Coconut! You look so cute in your little lion mane!
Molly: Thank you Coconut.
Coconut: Grrrr
Molly: It's ok boy, you can let go now.
Coconut: Grrrr
Molly: Coconut give me the envelope!
Coconut: Grrr!!!
Coconut: GRRRRR!!!!!
Molly: AHHHH!!!!!
Molly: Oh my gosh! Taryn you won!
Emily: So here's what happened, it was a super close run... It was so close that Grace and Taryn were tied 4 days in a row!
Kirsten: And it was still tied when voting ended, so to keep things fair, we used a random name picker.
Maryellen: So congrats Taryn! You have won the fall prize package! Your ninja costume made us smile, for it's creativity and uniqueness. And come on! Who doesn't love a ninja!
Kit: YAY!!
Molly: WAIT!!! There's more!
Avery: That's right! Grace, because it was a tie you will also receive a special surprise package!
Kirsten: Congrats Grace! Your classic costume stole our heart, from your braids to your ruby red shoes!
Kit: Yeah and I bet whoever wrote The Wizard of Oz is kicking himself in the pants for not making Toto a husky.
Kit: Because come on! Huskies are so cute and fluffy and just so AHHH!!!!
Emily: Congrats Taryn and Grace! Please look for an email coming your way!
Kirsten: Thank you guys for entering and thank you to everyone who voted! We appreciate you all so much!
Molly: Have an awesome Halloween everyone!
Everyone: Bye!
Taryn from Life of a Farm Doll as a ninja.
Grace from AG Doll Awesome as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz



  1. YAY!!!!! Thank you so much, guys!!!! I am so excited and I can't wait!
    ~ Taryn

    1. YAY!! Your so welcome! We're so happy your excited :D We're emailing you right now, we didn't email you when we posted because we wanted you to be surprised when you read the post :)
      - The All Doll'd Up Family :)

  2. Congratulations Taryn! Your costume was great! I really liked Maryellen’s costume too! Molly is hilarious.


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