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What my Dolls went as for Halloween - Photo Shoot

  Hey guys! How are you all today? I hope you all had an awesome and safe Halloween (And if you don't celebrate, than just an awesome day in general)! I ended up having a crazy week last week, and the same for the week before that, but I still wanted to show you what my dolls went as, and they wanted to show you too ;) So without further ado, here they are!      Molly, as Charlie Brown (If you've seen "It's the Great Pumpkin, totally let me know)     Emily, dressed as a unicorn   Do you think she's cold? I mean, she's not wearing shoes, and she's in a leotard.... I'm wearing a jacket and I'm freezing. I couldn't even feel my fingers while taking these, I should probably wear gloves this time of year, why am I getting so off topic? LOL!   Ok, please tell me you guys get this one! I was coming up with costumes and this popped into my head for Maryellen. Then when I showed my mom and brother they didn't g