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Case of the Missing Easter Candy - Photo Story

  Hey everyone! I'm back! I missed you all so much, I hope you had an amazing Easter! So, are you ready for a super long photo story? I hope so, because you've definitely got it XD I hope this makes up for how much I've been gone :) Enjoy! ------------------------------------     Oh! Why hello there!     If you clicked on this post you're probably looking to hear an Easter story,     And my stars do I got one for you!     Be nice to the book....         Sarah's not in this story.     No, our story takes place on Easter day of last year....     It was early on Easter morning as I tip-toed across the floor.     I was greeted by the warm sun on my face and an unusually quiet house.   As I peeked around the corner, I can't say I was all that shocked by what I saw...      For my ears were not met by the sweet sound of Malorie playing her guitar, nor did the delicious scent