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Snowy Dreams - Photo Shoot

  Hey friends! Man, it snowed like crazy here last week, 2-3 feet! (Which is a lot for us XD) So after waiting for it to melt a little so you could actually she my doll, I finally kicked up the guts to do a photo shoot with Saige in the snow! She only fell over once, and thank goodness it was on her back, I would probably have cried if she'd fell on her face. Enjoy the photos! Let me know in the comments which was your favorite and if you got snow where you live! :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------       I have a small obsession with doll boots XD                             Snow!!!       I really love this coat, can you tell? XD         <3 -------------------------------------------------------------   Thanks so much for reading everyone! I can't wait to talk to you in the comments! Have an awesome day!   -Katie :)

Everything is Awesome! - Lego Photo Shoot

  Hello Friends! So as you probably know, The Lego Movie 2 just hit theaters! And let me tell you, it was awesome! (< Yes, pun was intended ;D) I've seen it twice so far and it's just soooooo good! Anyhoo so in honor of the new movie, and the fact that the weather isn't cooperating for a doll photo shoot  I thought it was only fitting that today I posted some Lego photography! Please keep in mind that I'm absolutely terrible at photographing Minifigs, my camera only focuses on them if I use flash so it usually cases the background to become black. I will be featuring the Lego Movie 2 characters that we have and will do my best not to spoil anything. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------- "Hold on to your frowns Planty, we're going to save Lucy!!! And..... All the others who were captured..."  - Emmet Emmet is honestly such a great character. He has an innocence about him that makes him so lovable.