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Allow Me to Introduce Myself.... PART TWO!!!

  Yo, how's it going?     I'm Julie Albright, but you can me Jules or Jule, or just pain Julie.     And along with Addy I'm one of Katie's newest dolls.     But because of trying to introduce other dolls and a couple more lame excuses that humans usually give, it took FOREVER to actually appear on here. But I'm here now, so be excited!      Before you ask, yes, I'm on top of a car, don't ask how I got up here.     There are way too many ants to be standing or sitting on the ground.     Don't get me wrong though, I'm not afraid of the ants,     They're afraid of me.     Moving on... So I guess Addy did this whole, five facts about me thing? And now Katie wants me to do it too.     So I guess that's what I'll have to do. I'm sure the ants have been scared off by my awesomeness by now so let's do this!     Here comes fact number one.     1

I'm Back!! - Vacation Photo Shoot!

    Hello everybody!!! Guess who's back! I missed you all so much! How has the past week been for you? I hope it's been amazing. We had an AWESOME vacation! We went to a small cabin in the mountains and it was just beautiful <3 There were even elk and deer that came and let us feed and pet them which was super cool! My sis even made friends with one of them! Mama (what she named the deer) took a selfie with my sis and let her kiss her nose, it was pretty cute :) Anyways, I took tons of pictures of Molly and Addy in front of our cabin, so here they are! Hope you like them :)   MOLLY ------------------------------------------------         Love this one ^     Do you like Molly's shoes? I used a tutorial on American Girl Ideas to make them :)         This is one of my favorite doll shirts, it's from an American Girl collectors group my mom and I are apart of. One of the members and a couple of her kids died in a car