Everything is Awesome! - Lego Photo Shoot

Hello Friends! So as you probably know, The Lego Movie 2 just hit theaters! And let me tell you, it was awesome! (< Yes, pun was intended ;D) I've seen it twice so far and it's just soooooo good! Anyhoo so in honor of the new movie, and the fact that the weather isn't cooperating for a doll photo shoot I thought it was only fitting that today I posted some Lego photography! Please keep in mind that I'm absolutely terrible at photographing Minifigs, my camera only focuses on them if I use flash so it usually cases the background to become black. I will be featuring the Lego Movie 2 characters that we have and will do my best not to spoil anything. Enjoy!

"Hold on to your frowns Planty, we're going to save Lucy!!! And..... All the others who were captured..."
 - Emmet

Emmet is honestly such a great character. He has an innocence about him that makes him so lovable. There was something he said in particular in the second one that was really powerful (in my opinion) and has stuck with me since we saw it. I won't tell you it was because of spoilers, but if you've seen it already you might know what I'm talking about :)

(The way his mouth is reflecting onto the brick is honestly creeping me out)

"Who am I? Hahahaha..... I'm your worst nightmare!"
- Wyldstyle (AKA Lucy)

(Dang guys I just couldn't get photos of her! No matter what I did there was just a huge glare across her face. there two were the only ones that really turned out)

"Ok everybody, listen up! Everyone get along.... Ok I'm out! Going golfing!"
-President Business (AKA Lord Business)

This is literally just a background character, sooooo, she has no lines.
- Hula Lula

I actually have a theory about her, if you'd like to hear it let me know!

"You're Welcome!"

"You can stop whipping me, Deborah!"
-Swamp Creature


Best friends ;)

Also has no lines in the movie
- Cowardly Lion
My brother got this the other day and he wanted me to include some pictures of him :) He's a really cute little Minifig isn't he?

And in honor of Valentine's day (Which I totally forgot about until this morning, oops!), here are some pictures of Emmet and Lucy :)

Thank you all SO much for reading! Do you like Lego? Have you seen the Lego Movie 2 yet? Would you like to see more Lego posts in the future? I would totally love to know!

Happy Valentine's Day! Love you all to the moon and back :)

-Katie :)


  1. Wow! These are so fun! I think my favorite pictures are the ones of Batman. I also really love President Business's golf outfit! I find when photographing little things like Lego, it's best to use manual focus, stand quite a ways back, and zoom in. (Don't quote me though, I'm really bad at Lego photography. XD) I would love more posts like this, and I totally get what you said about the weather. Up here it's been -40 for almost three weeks! What' your weather like right now?
    ~ The Human

    1. Thank you SO much! I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thanks, Batman is my favorite character XD LOL Fun Fact about President Business, I had heard so many Lego fans feel though the blind bags to find the characters they want. So of course I thought, "Sure! I can do that!" Well..... Long story short I thought the golf club was a cat XD I told my friend about it afterwards and I don't think she's going to let me live that one down XD moral of the story, it might be a golf club, just a thought ;) oh ok! Thanks for the tips! I'll try those! Lol Lego is hard to photograph XD Awesome ok! Next time I'll probably be able to make props too (I'm making a Lego stop motion so a lot of my Lego supply has gone into that) Aw man yeah, that does not sound fun. It's been CRAZY windy. I live up on a mesa with short trees so it can get really windy here.
      -Katie :)

  2. I love LEGO and The LEGO movie (Batman is my favorite character). I don't have any figures right now because I always say I'm going to start a new collection, and then I find a new doll or doll outfit and choose that instead, XD. That was a great review, Katie. You're great at LEGO photography. What's your theory on Hula Lula? I'd love to hear it.

    1. Me too! Lego is so fun, and the movies are some of my most favorites :D Oh my gosh, Batman is so awesome! Lol I'm the same XD I did start collecting them more though after The Lego Movie 2 though. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D Ok, so I'm pretty sure that Hula Lula was apart of a POPular band along with Lucy, Kitty Pop, and Candy Wrapper. They all have the same microphone and we know that there are four members of the band. So I'm not sure if this is true, but it's what I'm going with XD
      -Katie :)

  3. That's an interesting theory. It seems like it would be true. Yes, I see all these amazing things that I wanna start collecting but then I see another doll and I end up buying her instead, XD.

    1. LOL yeah, the only thing is that there is a guy on that band, but this could have been something where after Lucy left they replaced her. Oh my goodness yes! I'm always like, "I'm saving my money for the future!" Then a doll pops up on eBay and the whole plan goes down the drain XD
      -Katie :)


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