The Nutcracker Part 3 - Photo Series

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn't post last week, it was so crazy! Can you believe it's 5 days 'til Christmas? I can't XD So I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be cancelling some stuff until next Christmas, I'm so sorry guys, there was just was a lot put in to Nutcracker that I just won't have time to do the rest. I will still be doing Christmas pictures of my dolls though! I hope you enjoy the 3rd part of Nutcracker though! The next part is the finale! Enjoy!
In case you need a refresher (Because I'm a terrible blogger and haven't posted in a week ) You can click the links here.
I looked around frantically, but saw nothing.
"What is it?" James asked me as I turned to him.
Just then there was the sound of footsteps crunched in the snow. James began to draw his sword.
But I couldn't understand it, what was it? And where was it?
Suddenly a snow ball came flying through the air.
Before ether of us could react the snowball hit James in the face.
James quickly tried to brush the snow off his face,
Then yelled, "Sarah! Sophia! I know it's you, so stop throwing snowballs at us!'
"What?" I thought to myself, "who was he talking to? And where are they?"
I looked around, trying to figure out what was happening. When something hit me in the back.
As I fell to the ground I felt something cold seeping through my nightgown, then realized that I had been hit by a snowball. The sounds of laughter rang through my ears, causing me to blush in embarrassment.
James pulled me off the snow covered ground and asked me, "Are you ok?"
"Yes, thank you," I replied, wiping the snow off my hands that stung from the cold.
When I looked up I finally saw them.
They stood on a small mound of snow not too far from us, and were laughing and pointing at us.
"It's not funny!" He yelled at them, trying to cut through their laughter.
But instead of taking him seriously they made snowballs magically appear in their hands.
They began throwing them at us, the cold snowballs just kept coming, and didn't seem to end.
"There must be some way to stop this," I thought to myself, suddenly I had an idea.
I dropped myself to the ground, and ran my cold hands through the snow.
"Clara, what are you doing?" James asked between snowballs.
Jumping to my feet with snowballs in my arms I said, "Stopping them so we can go through."
"I'm not sure if-" James began,
 But before he could finish I took careful aim,
And launched the snowball at them.
The first snowball hit the girl on the left in the face, which I felt really bad about.
And the other snowball hit the other girl in the chest.
"I think it worked," I said to James.
But before he could even respond the two girls wiped the snow off their faces and made huge snow balls appear in their hands.
"Oh," I sighed at the sight of the two giant snowballs.
Just then a woman in a blue and white dress appeared. "Stop it! Stop it!" She shouted, throwing her arms in the air.
The two girls Immediately dropped the snowballs and pointed at each other, "She did it!" They both said at the same time.
The woman simply shook her head and said, "May I remind you that you are both Princesses, and this is no way for you to act, understood?"
"Yes mother," they both said sadly.
"Please forgive my daughters," She said as she walked towards us, "I don't understand why they-"
Then she froze when she saw James. "Prince James?" She stammered in shock.
"Your highness," James replied with a bow.
"I can't believe it! It's been three years! Oh, your mother will be overjoyed!" She said excitedly.
"And who is this," She asked looking over at me.
"My name is Clara your highness," I said.
"Welcome Clara," She said kindly as the two princesses walked up behind her,
"Welcome to the land of ice and snow."
"I am the Snow Queen," she said, " I'm the ruler of this land, and these are my daughters,"
"Sarah," she said turning her head to the girl on her right,
Then turned to the girl on her left, "And this is Sophia," she told me.
"I hope you enjoy our home, for our home is yours," she told me kindly.
"Thank you your highness," I replied. "Your highness," James began, "could you open the portal for us?"
The Snow Queen gave an approving nod and turned to her daughters. "Ok girls, you know what to do," she told then.
The princesses nodded their heads and along with the Queen they formed a circle around us and began to spin.
And as they danced and spun, soft but beautiful snow began to fall.
James pulled me closer to the center of the circle as it started to snow harder.
They danced gracefully like the snow that fell from the sky.
And the more they danced the more the snow fell.
The snow became thick,
I couldn't see very far.
Until the snow was suddenly gone, and we were no longer in the land of ice and snow... Instead we were somewhere different.
I looked around at my surroundings, it wasn't like the Snow Queen's land, but it was beautiful in it's own way.
"Where are we?' I asked James.
He turned to me and said, "This is my home,"
"Come, follow me," he said, walking forward.
So I did. We walked along the dusty path, I was unsure of where we were going, but I was excited to see.
"So you knew the Snow Queen and the princesses?" I asked him.
"Yes," he replied, "I've known them all my life, our lands are next to each other,"
I gave him a confused look, "But we had to take a portal to get here, are they not of different worlds?"
"No, it's not like the portal from your world to mine, our lands are very vast here. So we take portals so we don't have to travel great distances." He explained.
"But we can't travel to lands that are very far, and only people who have the power of magic can open portals between lands. My second hand could open portals, as can the Snow Queen and her daughters. But the portal between our worlds stays open for a limited amount of time."
Suddenly he stopped in his tracks.
"Is something wrong? What is it?" I asked.
"That's my home," he said pointing off into the distance.
I looked where he was pointing and my eyes grew wide at what I saw.
(this picture is via Canvas)
For not very far from us was a castle, it stood proud and tall among the tall trees.
"Come on," he said quietly taking my hand, "let's go."
So as fast as we could we ran towards the castle.
As soon as the guards saw James they stepped out of the way, granting us passage. James guided me through the giant castle, leading me to a huge room. "Mother?" James called as soon as we entered.
A woman who sat in one of the red thrones that lined the wall jumped up in shock. "James?!" Was the only thing that escaped her lips.
She darted towards him and they embraced in a hug.
"I can't believe your home, are you ok?" She said as a tear slipped down her check. 
"I'm fine," James said as though he might cry too, "Are you?"
"I'm wonderful," she smiled through her tears.
I couldn't help but smile as I watched them. They had both been through so much, but now they were together, and that's what mattered.
The woman suddenly noticed me, she looked at me in a very confused way.
"Mother," he began, "this is Clara,"
I took a few steps forward as he continued. "Clara risked her life to save mine, and now because of it the Rat King is dead,"
She stared at us in surprise for a moment, then said, "Our threat is gone?"
"Our people are free from fear! We can finally live a life of peace," She exclaimed with joy.
She walked over to me and took my hands. "Clara, thank you for your bravery, you not only saved the life of my son, but you also saved my people from fear, thank you." She said kindly.
She turned away and called for a guard.
 The guard quickly walked into the room and said, "Yes your highness?"
"Make it known to all the lands and every nation," the Queen said, "our fears have passed, we can walk the streets of our homes without worry, we can finally live in peace. Let us have a celebration, invite the people of the many lands, and chosen dancers from each nation, For fear has passed and my son is home."
"Very well, your highness,"  The guard said before rushing off to deliver the message.
And not too long after, the huge room was filled with guests, and dancers from the many nations lined the walls, waiting for their chance to perform the dance of their home.
The Queen held up her hands and the chatter that filled the room came to a stop.
Then the Queen began to speak, " Thank you all for coming, as you know the threat of the Rat King taking over our lands and making our people slaves has passed, the Rat King has died. So today we celebrate freedom,"
"My son has returned, and Clara is our guest of honor,"
"Let us celebrate peace and friendship, so without further ado, let us began!" She said joyfully.
Everyone clapped and cheered.
As we went to be seated James offered me his throne.
I smiled shyly and sat down.
First to dance were a pair of Waltz Flower girls, sisters I believe. They bowed before us,
And began their dance.
They danced with beauty and grace.
And their pink dresses flared out as they spun.
As the dance came to finish, everyone clapped and cheered.
Then they took a small bow, and went back to the wall.
Next was a Spanish dancer, she took a bow before us, then turned to start her dance.
Her dance was very different from the Waltz Flowers,
Her lines were sharp and crisp.
The movements she made with her fan were beautiful.
The dance came to a close and everyone cheered.
She took her bow then left.
After that a young Chinese girl walked up, she put her hands together and slowly bowed.
Then picked up an umbrella.
She flung her umbrella and started to dance.
Her dance was simple, yet elegant.
She spun her umbrella in her hands,
and when she finished she threw her umbrella over her shoulder and left.
And then there was the Arabian,
 After bowing she prepared for her dance.
she slid into splits,
Pulled herself into a backbend,
Then kicked up to a handstand.
The crowd roared at the amazing performance.
As she walked away, someone else walked in.
The Queen jumped up and walked over to her, "I'm so glad you came!" The Queen said.
She smiled and said, "Is it true Queen Victoria? We can finally go outside without the fear of an attack?"
"Yes, it's true," the Queen said with a nod.
The girl sighed in relief and said, "it's been so long, I don't even remember the last time we could do it,"
James led me over as the Queen said, "This is Clara, our guest of honor. Clara, this is the Sugar Plum Fairy,"
"How do you do?" I said with a small curtsey.
"Hello Clara, I heard what you did, it was very brave of you," she told me kindly.
 I could feel my cheeks starting to blush, "Thank you," I replied.
"Won't you give us the honor of watching you dance?" The Queen asked the Sugar Plum Fairy.
The Sugar Plum Fairy nodded and we went back to our seats as she stepped into the center of the floor.
Then she did a breath taking ballet dance.
She spun in perfect chaînés that were tight and graceful.
Then leaped into a beautiful grand jeté with ease.
When she was finished everyone gasped and cheer in amazement. It was most definitely my favorite performance of the night.
She took a ballet bow before turning around and walking towards me.
I smiled at her as she approached.
"Would you like to dance?" She asked me.
I stare at her in surprise for a moment, then said, "Me? Really?"
She nodded her head and everyone began to cheer in approval. So a slowly stood up and walked to the center of the room.
 I just stood there for a minute or two, a little lost on what to do. Then I took a deep breath,
And started to dance.
 I danced to the beat of my heart, and moved my feet to the steps I loved.
I danced and twirled around the room.
and when I turned I saw James, holding his hand out as he asked for a dance.
I took his hand and we began to dance across the floor.
 There was something about James, something I couldn't figure out.
And every time I was with him I felt something, something I've never felt before,
Something special.....
"Clara!" I suddenly I heard erupt from the crowed, I turned to see who it was who called my name.
And I couldn't believe who I saw, how did she get here?
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Who in the world could Clara be talking about? Let me know in the comments! Have an awesome, Christmasy day!
- Katie :)


  1. OOOOOOH. Could it be her aunt?!?!?!?!?! IDK.
    This is very good so far, Katie!!!!


    1. Hmmmm, I don't know, maybe?!? But who knows? It could be her sister ;) Thank you so much!! I'm so happy you're enjoying it :)
      - Katie :)

    2. Oh BTW! If you can do it, I nominated you for the Christmas tag!

    3. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I'll definitely try to do that! :D
      - Katie :)


    1. LOL don't worry my friend, all will be revealed in the next part :D
      - Katie :)

  3. MARISSA????
    I am <3ing this Katie!

    1. *gasp!* Maybe?! :D Awww! Thank you! That made my day :)
      - Katie :)


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