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Hello everybody! Well, I'm finally introducing my new dolls I got for Christmas and my birthday! I'm so excited! But before we start I just wanted to say that in no way am I trying to brag, I'm very thankful to have received them. I also wanted to let you know that they're used from ebay as well. Ok, here it is! I hope you enjoy it! Sorry some of the pictures are bad by the way, if you have any tips on indoor photography please let me know in the comments. Enjoy!
I walked down the dusty path, inching my way to the place I would now call home.
I could feel my sweat dripping down my forehead, but pushed on, until I just couldn't stand it anymore.
"Oh my gosh! Why is it so darn hot out here!" I gasped as I flipped back my hood.
I franticly began to dig through my backpack, then pulled out my water bottle.
After a nice, refreshing drink, I pulled a piece of paper out of my pocket and read the address I had written on it.
"Well, this is the place," I thought to myself.
It didn't look anything like I had imagined though. By the name of this place, I expected to see snow, icicles, and Elisa screaming "Let it Go" at the top of her lungs.
But instead saw dirt,
Dead grass,
And a LOT of rocks. Believe me, if I had known how hot it is here, I wouldn't have worn the warmest thing I had.
I commenced to slip my water bottle and paper back into my backpack,
And continued on my way.
I was getting pretty close to the house at this point,
When I looked over and saw someone walking on a path directly across from me. She was too far away for me to see her very well, but I could see she was slightly ahead of me.
I hate feeling like I'm behind, so I started walking faster until I was ahead.
 She must have seen what I was doing, because when I looked over to see if I was still ahead..
 She was doing the same thing I was!
 And before I knew it we were both racing for the house.
No longer did I care about the heat, nor did I worry about taking my jacket off, all I cared about now was getting to the door first.
 Our paths eventually became one, we ran with all we had, even exchanged some "competitive glances".
We desperately pulled ourselves up the huge steps,
Then we both launched for the door.
My hand hit the door first, followed by the rest of my body,
then by falling backwards to the ground.
"HA!" I yelled victoriously.
She annoyingly rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah, yeah, I totally would've won if I wasn't wearing a skirt."
"Oh what ever!" I replied sarcastically.
I looked back up at her to see a hand reaching to help me.
"Thanks," I said as she pulled me up.
"No problem," she said with a smile, "Do you live here?"
"Yeah, well uh, I do now... I was just adopted," I replied.
She stared in shock, then exclaimed, "Really? Me too! Oh my gosh we'll be like sisters!"
"Sisters?" I said as my mind began to race back to thoughts of my old home.
"Yeah! I've never had a sister before, have you?" She asked me, but I didn't answer, I really didn't want to get into that conversation... Not now.
She looked at me questionably, only for a moment, then smiled and turned to the door. "Are you ready?" she asked.
I hesitated for a moment, but turned to knock on the door.
a few seconds passed before a girl opened the door, "Yes?" she said to us.
"Yes uh, is this the All Doll'd Up residence?"  I asked, kind of awkwardly.
"Oh!" She said excitedly, "You must be the new dolls! I'm Katie. Come on in!"
So we followed her into our new house, Felicity skipped happily behind Katie, but me, I was  terrified. Could I really let others in as sisters after all that happened?
She lead us to a room that was small but quaint. "This is my room," she said happily, "You'll be able to spend as much time as you'd like in here." She then pulled a string, which dropped a huge ladder. "Your new sisters are up in the doll house, I hope you like it! I need to go do some things... But I'll be up in a little while." She told us.
"Oh ok," I said as she left the room. "Thank you."
 "So..." I said to Felicity as I glanced at the giant ladder, "How do we get up?"
She looked over at me, giving a sly smile, before she darted towards the ladder,
 And flipped herself on the first step, I was astonished!
 "Are you coming?" she asked me competitively, "I'll race you."
After returning the same competitive smile she had given me,
I threw myself with all I had and grabbed the second step.
Felicity's point of view.
 As I raced up the ladder, I couldn't help thinking about having sisters, "What will they be like?" I silently wondered, there weren't any other dolls at my old home, so it was pretty lonely. But now I'll have family to share my secrets and adventures with, how exciting!
"What do you think our new sisters will be like?" I asked Saige as I heaved myself onto the next step.
But she just ignored me like she did when we were outside. "Why is she avoiding my questions?" I wondered, "This is the most exciting time ever, but she doesn't seem excited at all.... Why?"
I continued up the steps in silence, going up one step at a time, knowing my new family waited for me at the top.
With excitement motivating me, I reached the top first! Saige pulled herself onto the ledge she saw me doing an awesome victory dance. "Ha! I won this time!" I yelled with a corny smile on my face.
 She brought herself to her feet, and with a jokey glare she said, "Yeah, yeah I would have beaten you if I was wearing a skirt."
"Oh what ever!" I replied, copying what she had said earlier. "She seems nice..." I think to myself, "But why is she avoiding my questions?"
We walked for only a moment before Saige suddenly stopped in her tracks. "Oh my gosh...." The words escaped her lips.
"What is it?" I asked her,
But as soon as I turn my head my question was answered.
 For in front of us was a group of at least a dozen chaotic girls, each doing something different.
One was on her phone,
Two were folding a quilt.
And one was doing...... A handstand? It became very clear to me that this family was going to be a LOT different then I had thought...
The girl with red hair flipped her side of the quilt over, then turned to the girl doing the handstand, "Molly, I admire your ability to be upside down for so long without passing out I really do, but do you think you can come down and help us with the blankets?" she asked her politely.
"Nope!" Molly replied, "World record, I'm almost there.."
"Molly! Come on," She pled, "We need to get ready before-"
And that's when she noticed us.
We stood awkwardly for a few moments, as I thought about something of extreme importance...
"HOLY BANANAS WHAT DO I SAY?!?!?" I think franticly, "What if I say the wrong thing?! First impressions are everything you know! What if they don't like me? What if I tell them I'm allergic to beets and then find out they eat them every Tuesday night?! What if.."
These thoughts continued to absorb my mind until I looked over at Saige, who was glaring at me like there was no tomorrow, as if she was trying to tell me something like, "For goodness sake say something already!!"
The only thing I could managed to say was a small "Hi?"... Yeah, great first impression Felicity.
"What?!" Molly said, obviously startled.
She must have lost her balance because the next thing I know she's laying face down on the floor.
She quickly jumps to her feet and says, "Oh my gosh! You're here! And you're here! AHHHHH!"
And without a moments hesitation Molly rushes over, and with her hands firmly gripping ours she begins to pull us closer to the dollhouse.
"Guys, guys!" Molly called out to the others, "They're here!"
 Then like nothing I've ever seen, the herd of teenage dolls stampeded towards us.
They made a circle around us, then we were flooded with questions.
All the questions came at once, it was a lot to handle,
And by the look on Saige's face I would say she's feeling the same.
The questions kept coming, but I could no longer tell which was from who,
When suddenly a girl began making her way through the crowd.
"Excuse me, thank you," She said, pushing her way towards us, "Hi, I'm Jasmine, can I take a pic with you guys real quick?"
"What?" I ask, totally caught off guard by the question.
But before anything else could be said she steps in front of us and says, "Great! Say cheese!"
Hanging with the new sisters! #I'mawesome #Jasminerocks #Bestsisever #Allthehashtags
"Thanks," She said as Molly slapped her forehead. I was speechless! All I could do was stare, until...
"Stop!" Someone yelled from behind us.
We all turned to see who it was,
And there behind us was two girls, one was holding a few blankets, and the other was glaring with anger.
"Can we please for once welcome new sisters into our home without being crazy?!" She asked displeased, "please go sit down and then we'll start introductions."
As we all began to walk to our seats, one girl stepped forward.
"Hi," She said with a smile, "My name's Avery, I made these bracelets for you guys!"
"How sweet!" I thought to myself.
"That is so nice of you Avery! Thank you!"  I exclaimed happily.
She then looked down at the bracelets, she looked slightly confused, and it wasn't long before I knew why.
"Oh! I'm sorry, I'm Felicity," I told her.
 She smiled kindly and handed me a bracelet with my name on it, then looked over at Saige.
"Are you Saige?" She asked her.
"Uh, yeah," She replied shyly.
Avery then took Saige's hand, and slipped a bracelet onto her wrist.
"Thanks," She said, looking down at the bracelet.
"You're welcome!" She said happily as she walked to sit with the others, "Welcome to the family!"
"Wow! wasn't that nice of her!" I exclaimed to Saige.  She nodded as a small smile grew on her face.
All the girls were seated except for Saige and I, who were asked to stand in the center.
"Oh I'm sorry!" someone suddenly said, "In the chaos I forgot to take your bags and jackets! May I?"
"Sure!" We both said while handing her our stuff.
 She put our things in what looked to be a laundry room, then came back to introduce us to our sisters.
Everyone seemed so sweet! And Molly seemed..... Hyper.. But I think I'm going to like living here a lot, it may take a while to get used to everything and actually remember which name belonged to who, but I can tell they're going to be there for me, and that's a pretty great feeling.
 "So, now that you know us why don't you tell us about yourselves?" Janet said joyfully.
"Oh, Ok sure!" I replied, "So my name is Felicity Merriman and I'm 15 years old. I came from Williamsburg, Virginia and I like writing and horses."
"What's it called that you're wearing?" Sadie asked, genuinely interested.
"This is called a riding habit," I replied to her, " It was very popular in the 1700's. My ancestors were colonials in Virginia, I wear colonial clothing to celebrate them. 
"That's so cool Felicity!" Janet said.
"Are you ready to go Saige?"
"Me? Ok, uh..." Saige stuttered. "Well, my name's Saige Copeland and I'm 14 and uh.. I used to live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I like painting, sculpting, and riding in hot air balloons."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Molly randomly interrupted, "You mean you've been in a hot air balloon.. Like a REAL hot air balloon?!"
 "That's such cool beans!"
All the sudden the entire room exclaimed together, "STOP SAYING COOL BEANS MOLLY IT'S NEVER COMING BACK!!!"
Then everyone, including me and Saige, broke into hysterical laughter.
"EEEEK!" Molly squealed as she darted over to us.
"You guys are so awesome! I'm so happy you're going to be our sisters!" she said excitedly,
"I can't think of any way this could get better!"
"Whoa calm down Molly," Maryellen said, "The others haven't even gotten here yet."
"Wait what?"
MWAHAHAHA! You thought this was the end? Oh no, this is only half the story! Be on the lookout for part 2 coming soon! So, why do you think Saige is being so mysterious? And who do you think will be in part 2? Let me know in the comments! Have an amazing day everyone!
- Katie :)


  1. You got two dolls?!?!?!?!?!?!? I can't wait for part two!!!!

    Kaitlyn @ Kaits AG Crafts

    1. LOL yep! I was so blessed and surprised. Yay! I'm so glad! Thanks Kaitlyn!
      -Katie :)

  2. *gasps* You got MORE than two dolls!?!?!?!?! I have to know who they are!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    I can't wait for the next part!!!!!!

    1. Hmmm, I don't know, maybe.... ;) LOL XD Yay! I'm so glad you're excited!
      -Katie :)

  3. Holy bananas! This’s was fun! 😉

  4. This is an awesome story!:) I can't wait to read the next part.
    P.S. My Felicity doll has the same riding habit!:)

    1. Thank you SO much Quinley!
      P.S. oh cool! The riding habit is my favorite piece in her collection :D
      -Katie :)

  5. No way! That's so cool that you got Felicity! I'm going to guess that you got Elizabeth, or another GOTY.


    1. Thanks! I'm super excited about her, she's such a beautiful doll :) my sister actually has a Felicity doll too. Ooooooooo, good guess, I guess we'll just have to see...
      -Katie :)

  6. OMGoodness, I laughed so hard! Congrats on two gorgeous new dolls!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you liked it! I was feeling pretty silly that day XD
      -Katie :)
      P.S. I really like your new profile picture!

    ~ The Human


    1. I'm so glad you're excited! I'm hoping to have the next part out Tuesday or Wednesday :D
      -Katie :)

  8. Ooooo! Wait a minute, THE OTHERS!?

    1. Ooooooo, maybe? ;) Thanks for commenting!
      - Katie :)


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