Oh, So Much to See!

Hey guys! Man, two weeks.... I'm so sorry! Life has been insane between Nutcracker practice, regular ballet practice, and school. But the good news is, I've been working on some stuff lately! I now have Buttons page, an About Me page, and Addy and Felicity's profiles have been added to the Meet the Dolls page (and more profiles are on the way)! I would REALLY appreciate it if you guys would check them out! Also, I'm finally letting go of my Easter photo story until next year, a new photo story called "Sister Switch" is in the works and I'm SOOOOOO excited! Tell me what you think it's about in the comments! Well, thanks so much for reading! Be on the lookout next week to see my dolls' Halloween costumes!
Have a great day everyone!
-Katie :)


  1. Awesome! Can't wait for the photo story!

  2. I'm super excited for the photo story! I totally understand how hard it is to give up on a story when you're excited about it.
    I'm sorry I haven't written back yet. My letter has the stamp on it, ready to mail. But Canada Post chose this week to go on strike. Hopefully the strike will be over quick and I can send it. :)
    ~ The Human

    1. Yay! I'm so glad, it's one that I've been super excited about doing :D yeah, it is really hard, but the story was soooo much longer than I had anticipated that it was just something I had to drop.
      Oh no worries! I know how crazy busy you guys have been too. Hopefully they'll finish their strike soon ;) I'm glad that mine got to you though! (LOL I always fear that it will get lost somewhere on the way to Canada XD) thanks for commenting!
      - Katie :)


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