The Nutcracker Q&A! We Need YOUR Questions!

Merry merry merry merry Christmas everyone! How's your holiday season been? I hope it's been the best ever! It's your gal Molly! I played Clara and was the STAR of The Nutcracker!
Carter: Uh, technically I was one of the stars too...
Yes, yes Carter, whatever your contract tells you.
Anyway, we're here to ask for questions for the TN cast to answer!
You can ask about anything and as many questions as you like. Just don't ask where we live or how old Katie is.
If you'd like to read The Nutcracker, here are the parts.
Here are the characters we are including,
Clara (Molly)
The Nutcracker (Carter)
Marissa (Kiera)
The Rat King (Katie)
The Snow Queen (Emily)
Erica (Skylar)
The Sugar Plum Fairy (Connie)
Katie (The writer LOL!)
If there are any other characters you'd like to ask a question, such as the Teddy Bear or Jester, then we can totally add them too :) We can't wait to answer your questions! Please leave them in the comments! Bye everyone!
Hello everyone! After a week of Nutcracker preparations my dance school put on The Nutcracker! It was such a blast and I made memories I will cherish forever! I hope you all have fun asking the dolls and I questions about Nutcracker! We're super excited :D The last day to ask questions is Saturday, Dec 22 and answers will be posted the 23rd. Have an awesome day everyone!!!
- Katie :)
P.S. 6 days 'til Christmas! Anything on your wish list?


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