Case of the Missing Easter Candy - Photo Story

Hey everyone! I'm back! I missed you all so much, I hope you had an amazing Easter! So, are you ready for a super long photo story? I hope so, because you've definitely got it XD I hope this makes up for how much I've been gone :) Enjoy!
Oh! Why hello there!
If you clicked on this post you're probably looking to hear an Easter story,
And my stars do I got one for you!
Be nice to the book....
Sarah's not in this story.
No, our story takes place on Easter day of last year....
It was early on Easter morning as I tip-toed across the floor.
I was greeted by the warm sun on my face and an unusually quiet house.

As I peeked around the corner, I can't say I was all that shocked by what I saw...

For my ears were not met by the sweet sound of Malorie playing her guitar, nor did the delicious scent of Maryellen's blueberry muffins fill the air. Instead I was welcomed by a totally empty room, my sisters were all sleeping in on Easter, as usual.
This baffled me every year, "How could they still be asleep?" I pondered silently, "Don't they know what today is?"
While I stared into the empty room I suddenly felt something softly tap my shoulder.
A smile grew across my face as I turned to see Connie smiling back.
"Happy Easter Molly!" Connie whispered to me, being careful not to be too loud.
"Happy Easter, cool bean!" I exclaimed, obviously not being as careful about the volume of my voice.
"So," She began as she glanced into the living room, "Everyone else is still asleep, which means...."
"It's time to put our plan into action."
"Yes," I lowered my voice and pulled Connie close enough to hear, "Now remember, we're going to start with Janet, and we're going to wake her the calm and collective way we always do.."
"Oh Janet," I whispered as I quietly approached, "Guess what today is?"
"Huh?" She groaned tiredly.

"Yo what's up girl," I began as I  happily laid on Janet and her huge pile of blankets, both of which were now on the floor. 
"Are you ready to start this awesome Easter celebration?"
"Can't we ever wake up like a normal family?" Janet asked, obviously annoyed.
"Nope, not when Molly Jean McIntire is apart of that family!" Connie announced as she laid in Janet's bed like a total boss.
I nodded in approval, but inside I was also cringing at my middle name. "Exactly, thank you Connie."
"Ok, go get dressed," Janet said as she pushed me off her chest, "And then we'll open Easter baskets,"
"But please, let me wake the rest of the family."
So with that Connie and I skipped happily into our rooms. After quickly getting dressed we returned to the hallway where we found a couple of our sisters awake. Together we raced to the living room to see the surprises that would be there.
And there, lined across the floor was a colorful a ray of baskets, each unique and different from the other.
One by one we piled into the room, and began to show each other the treasures we found within our baskets.
Emily and Avery got some Minifigs, which they were really stoked about.
 Saige got some painting canvases,
And Felicity got a cup and saucer, which I thought was kinda weird.... But she was happy, so you know, whatever peels your bananas.
And I got a new pair of ballet slippers! With pretty purple jewels on them!
I had just put on one of the slippers, and was prepared to put on it's twin when I caught something out of the corner of my eye.
There, sitting by itself was a lone basket. It had no name on it, but through the plastic grass I was able to make out two Star Wars toys.
"Oh my gosh, could we have gotten a new sister?" I wondered.
"Hey Janet?" I called to my oldest sibling in the other room, "Who's the basket by the bookcase for?"
"It's for Carter," Janet replied, looking up from her camera. "He's coming over later to spend Easter with us."
"Oh..." I groaned before dramatically sinking into my chair. Carter is our neighbor down the street, and for whatever reason he's always hanging around.
"Who's Car-ter?" Josefina asked me, carefully pronouncing her English.
"Oh, no one Josie, only the most annoying person on the face of this planet!" I replied just as dramatically as my groan.
"Oh come on Molly," Janet began as she braided a small section of her hair, "you know Carter doesn't have anyone else to spend today with, just be nice ok?"
"HEY! I'm the definition of nice!" I defended myself.
But just at that moment, the doorbell chimed from the other side of the house.
"That's probably him, I'll be right back...." and with that Janet left for the door.
"Wonderful..." I sighed unhappily.
And she was back as quick as she left, but now Carter was with her.
"Happy Easter everyone!" Carter waved to everyone in the room.
"Happy Easter!" All my sisters returned the holiday wish.
Well, everyone except Josie, who doesn't like speaking English in front of new people. So instead she just smiled and fiddled with her basket.
"We have an Easter Basket for you as well," Janet told Carter.
Then she turned to me, "Could you grab it Molly?"
So grudgingly I picked up his basket,
And shoved it into his hands. "Here, happy Easter."
"Oh wow, thank you guys so much!" He replied.
"Yeah, try not to choke on anything.." I mumbled under my breath.
"Molly!" Janet scolded, "We just talked about this like five minutes ago!"
"I told him NOT to choke, it was very nice I assure you."
And to that remark Carter just rolled his eyes, then said, "So what's up with the shoes? Couldn't find it's match or something?"
I swiftly turned to face him, "What are you talking about? My shoes m-"
But I looked down and sure enough, my shoes did not match. It hit me that I never did put on my other ballet slipper.
 My sisters were giggling in the background, and I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment as I tried to think up an epic comeback.
"Well," I began slowly, "Nobody wears matching things anymore. It's all about mismatching today, matching shoes was so 5 minutes ago."
 "Oh brother...." Janet sighed as she slapped her hand against her forehead.
Which was followed by her turning to Carter, "Could I speak with you a moment?"
He looked very confused for a second, but then nodded. "Yeah sure."
They were gone for a long time, not that I really minded though.
I was enjoying sweet life without Carter. So while they were gone, I changed back into my pink flats an continued my life.
The longer they were gone, the more sisters began to appear.
And when pretty much the whole family was awake, Janet finally returned. "Ok everyone! who's ready for the Easter egg hunt!"
Excited "Me!"s blew through the room as we all raced for the door, why? Because the last one there would be a "rotten egg" ;)
Before I knew it, we were all on the porch, already looking for the goody filled eggs. 
"Ok everyone! Do we all know what's at stake here?" Janet asked.
"Whoever wins the egg hunt gets to sit in the front seat for two weeks," Maryellen answered first.
Janet smiled in approval, "Exactly!"
While Janet went on about the boring details, Saige turned to me. "What is she talking about? Is it like a prize or something?"
"Yeah! We do it every year!" I began to explain to my newer sister, "Whoever finds the most Easter eggs gets to sit in the front seat of the car for two weeks! And no one's allowed to complain about it!"
Now this may seem like a strange prize to you, but with our crazy family, sitting up front is like winning a life times supply of Froot Loops.
"That's awesome! I'm going to get it..." Saige said with a smirk.
"Not if I have any say in it!" Kit exclaimed, who obviously had never spent Easter here.
"It's not that easy..." Emily suddenly entered the conversation.
"You're forgetting that you're in a family with 20 other girls, about 5 of which are extremely competitive."
"Molly always wins."
"Oh really?" Kit said in a competitive stare, "We'll just see about that."
"Yes... I guess we will.." I returned in the same matter.
"Ok then!" Janet's voice suddenly caught my attention, "Are we ready to get some eggs?!"
"YEAH!!" We all excitedly exclaimed.
"On your mark, get set,"
"You're going down McIntire!"
"Oh really Kittredge?! I'll be thinking about that while I'm in the front seat!!"
"Well I'm going to beat both of you! How do you like them Apple-Jacks?!"
 As soon as that word left Janet's lips, the huge crowd launched forward.
Kit put her arm across me, but did she really think she could hold back such awesomeness? I don't think so!
I simply pushed my way through and continued on my epic way.
And was the first to hit the our lawn. Then everything went crazy from there...
"Oh my gosh! An egg!"
"I totally have to post about this!"
"I'm just looking for eggs!"
"There's no eggs 15 feet up in a tree! Now get down before you get hurt!"
At one point amongst the chaos, I was looking around, when suddenly..
*Angelic voices start singing*
"Sorry Molly!" Kit gloated, "You'll have to be faster than that if you want to win!" And with that, Kit turned and began to walk away.
 "How dare she?" I thought silently, "I saw it first!" Suddenly a mischievous smile came across my vinyl face.
 "Goodness gracious would you look at the size of that whale!" I said loud enough for Kit to hear.
Just as I knew she would, Kit whipped herself around. "What?"
"It's over there! don't you see it?!"
"Molly what are you talking about? I don't see anything..."
"You know what, I think it's a smudge on my glasses.." I told her innocently, "Sorry about that."
"Ok, you're weir-" But before she could finish, Kit caught glimpse of her R2-D2-less basket.
She looked at my basket, then shot me a deadly glare that made me break into a sweat.
Plan A has failed, and there's no plan B. So unsure of what to do, I awkwardly smiled and tried to walk away.
"Hey! Give that back!" Kit exclaimed as she grabbed my shoulder.
"No!" I shouted back, "I saw it first, and by all laws of the universe that makes it mine."
"Well I grabbed it first!" she yelled angrily.
But I didn't budge, I only tightened my grip.
The next thing I knew Kit launched for R2'.
"Give it to me!!" Kit demanded.
"I saw your room first! Is that how your laws of the universe works?!"
"Girl I saw my room before you were even born!!"
"IT'S MINE!!!!"
But all too soon, there seemed to be no eggs left.
"Hey Janet, I think we got all the eggs! Should we head back and count?"
"Sounds good to me," Janet said, "everyone back to the porch!"
Everyone rushed to the porch and eagerly counted their eggs. Could this be their lucky year?
"I got four!" Sam exclaimed excitedly.
"I have 7!" Kit said with a competitive smirk.
Saige dumped her basket, "10."
Eyes glanced around to see if anyone could top that impressive haul, but no avail.
"Well it looks like you won! Great job Saige!" Janet congratulated her, "I guess Molly's finally met her match!"
Emily's eyes suddenly got five times bigger, "Oh no, where is Molly?!"
And there, less than gracefully, I staggered up the steps with arms full of beautiful eggs.
I purposely dropped all of the eggs, and also caught another "Stare of Death" from Kit.
"So, did I win?"
There was silence for a moment or two, then Saige finally spoke,
"How did you even...?"
I tapped my sister on the back, "Secrets my friend, secrets."
Kit rolled her eyes, "Let's just eat candy...."
We all grabbed an egg, but Avery was the first to crack one open, and when she did an odd look came across her face.
"Huh, this one's empty." She puzzled. 
"So is this one..." Felicity said.
Josefina held out two empty eggshells in here hands, and everyone started to gasp.
Kit franticly scrambled through the pile, "No no no! Are they ALL empty?!"
I began to feel through the eggs, then suddenly one rattled.
"Wait! This one has something in it!!!"
All eyes were on me as I cracked open the egg, and inside.....
Katie launched an egg across the yard, "I can't believe this! The Easter bunny ripped us off!"
Connie gasped, "NO! He wouldn't do that, would he Molly?"
"No of course not!" I told her as I shot Katie a glare, "No, I'm afraid this is much worse...."
"Someone stole"
"OH NO!"
"That's terrible!"
"Where's my phone?!"
"I'm hungry... When's lunch?"
"What? We didn't eat breakfast and I'm starving!"
"I'll pull something together..." Mary said, standing up.
"Ok guys, let's go in and we'll figure this out later."
and with that, along with some groans, we all followed Janet inside.
But unlike my family, I wasn't going to go and eat carrot sticks. No sir!
I quickly grabbed Connie's arm, which startled her, and dragged her in another direction.
"What are you doing?" she asked.
I placed my finger over my lips so she'd know to keep her voice down, then relied, "Wait here...."
"Ok, I'm back."
"Dear gosh! What are you wearing?!"
I raised my eyebrow, "What do you mean?"
Connie squinted as she examined me closer. "Isn't that Samantha's cape she told us not to touch?"
"What? Uh, no...." I said quickly, "Do you really think Sherlock is a thief?"
"Sherlock?" Connie asked, now really confused.
"Yes, I am Sherlock, and you are Watson!"
Connie Groaned, "I don't really want to Watson though... What are we even doing?"
"We're going to figure out who stole the candy," I told her,
"And you have no choice, Sherlock is taken and Watson is his partner. Just go with it."
"Well, could I be Nancy Drew? She's a detective." Connie asked.
I hardened my stare, "No."
"How about Batman?"
"Sherlock and Batman? That sounds terrible!"
"Can I be the Element of........ Surprise!"
We both began to laugh, now how can anyone stay serious with a Ninjago quote? "Ok, ok...." I laughed, " You can be whoever you'd like, but we must get started before the clues run dry!"
Unfortunately clues weren't easy to find, it felt like we looked everywhere. Under the dresser,
In the laundry,
Not even in the dog bed! There were no clues anywhere.
But then, a beautiful light of hope shined down,
For there on the floor was a shoe! But not just any shoe, a clue shoe!
"We've done it!" I exclaimed happily, "Whoever's wearing the match is our doll!"
"Uh, Molly?" Connie interrupted.
And right in front of her was another shoe, but it didn't match the first one.
"Ah ha! Another clue! This must mean that our culprit wore two different shoes, then left both of them to throw us off track! Very clever....."
"No, not that!" Connie said, waving her arms.
"An octopus?" I proposed.
Connie shook her head, "I think Katie's reorganizing the shoes..."
"Ah yes..." I tried to play it cool.
"Time to move outside!"
 As we walked outside it didn't appear to be any different, but my keen Sherlock eye spotted something no other eye could.
"THERE!!!" I screamed as I darted to the scene.
I whipped out my magnified glass and studied this important clue carefully.
"It's a bobby pin?" Connie said, quite puzzled.
"No," I informed her, "It's something far more sinister..."
"No, I'm pretty sure it's a bobby pin." Connie pressed.
I picked up the pin and threw it aside, "Fine. It's a bobby pin. Let's look at these footprints instead.
"Really Molly? Those are our footprints"
"Do you honestly know what you're even doing?"
I was silent for a moment, then while looking her dead in the eye replied, "You're right, I don't have a clue."
Connie's eye roll could literally be heard as I laughed so hard at my cringy joke that I was crying.
But through my tear ridden eyes I spotted something.
"Quick! Hide!" I pushed Connie behind the car.
Connie and I stumbled amongst each other, but we managed to get out of sight,
And there, walking back to the front of the house was Carter!
"He came from behind the house...." I noted.
"What was he doing back there?" Connie wondered out loud.
"Not sure," I replied, "But we're going to find out..."
We slowly approached our suspect, he seemed pretty distracted, because he didn't notice us at all.
"Hey Carter!"
Carter jumped what seemed like 10 fleet. "Molly?! What are you doing out here? And what are you wearing?"
"Could ask you the same thing," I replied rather sternly.
"I was just-" He tried to say before being cut off by my next question.
"What's in the bag?"
"Huh? Nothing."
"What was in it then?" I pressed.
"Nothing!" Carter said in defense, but honestly, does anyone ever believe that?
Carter backed up, not realizing Connie was behind him.
"Connie! Grab the bag!" I called out.
"Got it!" Connie called back to me in success.
"Search it...." I told her, trying to look intimidating while standing next to Carter. It wasn't easy though since he's quite a bit taller than me.
She searched the bag while I nervously waited, then finally,
"M&M! Peanut butter M&M to be exact!"
"Ah ha! I knew it had to be you!" I said enthusiastically.
"But I-"
"Nope!" I interrupted him, "Into the house with you!"
"Why did you do it?" I interrogated him.
"Why would you steal the candy?!"
"Is that a lamp you're holding in my face?"
"What? It's all I have."
"Molly?" I suddenly heard from behind me, "What are you doing?"
"Janet! You aren't going to believe this! Carter was the one who stole the candy!" I told her victoriously, "See, watch"
"Carter, did you steal the candy?"
"See?!" I said turning back to Janet,
"Ok Connie, call the police."
"Wait?!" Carter gasped.
My hand raised to stop Connie, "Scratch that, notify The Easter Bunny.... Oh dude you are in so much trouble!"
Carter hastily looked to my sister, "Janet.....?"
All the sudden it clicked, "I can't believe this...." I said, swallowing hard.
"You guys are in cahoots! Janet and Carter stole the Easter candy!!!"
As soon as those words excepted, the whole room let out a sharp gasp.
"Hold on guys!" Janet tried to clam the crowd, "Let me explain."
"So it's true then!" I gasped, "Oh Janet how could you! How could you do this to your family? How could you do it to the younglings?! Look at what you've done to that poor innocent child who was expecting to find eggs full of candy!"
"Soooo, does The Easter Bunny have an address or can I just put "The Easter Bunny" and the post office will get the idea?"
"Molly I-" Janet tried to say.
"Don't, face the wall. I don't even know who you are anymore." I said while motioning her away.
"Yes, you viscous criminal?" I finally turned to her, "You wish to say something? Well, before you do I should remind you that what you say can and will be held against you in a court of law."
"Yep, there's only one thing to say Molly...." She said in a serious tone.
And the next thing I knew her and Carter were....... Laughing? What was happening?
"Wh-what are you talking about?" I shuddered in shock, "It's Easter?"
"She's right!" Felicity said in the background, "Today's April 1st, I totally forgot!"
"You mean this whole thing was a prank?!" I shrieked.
Janet nodded, "Yep, because everyone knows no one would be more bothered about no Easter candy than Molly McIntire. Carter helped me get all the candy out of the eggs."
"I honestly wasn't expecting the whole detective thing though...." She continued after slipping off my hat.
"So this is payback for all those awful pranks you play every year."
"I'm not that bad!" I tried to defend myself.
But Janet just narrowed her eyes. "Really?" she said in a way that sent me back to last April...

"Time to get fabulous and ready for the day!"
"Flour bomb! April Fools!"
*Sounds of screams and absolute terror*
"Ok, just stir in the sugar and done! All ready to put in the muffin pan!"
"But first! A taste test..."
"YUCK!!!! OH DEAR GOSH! It tastes like salt!"
"That's because the sugar was switched with salt! April Fools!"
"What the?! Molly? How'd you get up there?!"
"Better get my glasses...."
"You've got to be kidding me."
"Molly! What did you do to my glasses!"
"That was so not funny, Janet..." I said with the shake of my head.
"Ok actually it's a little funny, but I'm still bummed that we didn't find eggs filled with candy..."
"Who says we won't do that?" Janet asked with a twinkle in her eye.
I stared at her in confusion, but before I knew it I was smiling the biggest smile.
Janet winked then called out, "Ok everyone! Get you're shoes on and head outside for the real egg hunt!"
So that's the story of last Easter. It was nice actually finding eggs with candy in them, but this holiday is honestly so much more.
It's about how God so loved us that He gave us His Son. That kind of love guys, is the most beautiful thing. We fail God everyday, but because Jesus died for us we can be forgiven! We can live with Him someday is Heaven and escape the fires of hell. All He asks is that we put our faith in Jesus, and believe that He died on the cross to save us from our sins. It takes one prayer, but if you truly want to live for Him, you're life will change forever in the most beautiful way. Life as a Christian is not easy, but it is so worth it.
Easter is also spending time with your family and loved ones, which is one of the most beautiful gifts God has given us. Even if that includes your super obnoxious neighbor.
I also learned to think twice before pulling pranks.
Well, usually.
Revenge is sweet!  
Happy Easter to all! With love as always,
-Molly ;D


  1. oh. MY GOSH. This is THE FUNNIEST thing I have seen in so long. Like I'm dead serious. I lost it at Molly and the lamp X'D X'D Terrific job and keep up the awesome work!!!!!!!

    1. Yay!!! I'm so SO happy that you like it so much and that it made you smile! :D LOL yeah, Molly's ridiculous XD Thank you so much!!!
      -Katie :)

  2. KATIE! I cannot begin to express my love for this photo story! I was literally laughing out loud! I was smiling the entire time! Just a few things I loved.

    1. That photo of molly peeking above the bed.
    2. "OH DEAR GOSH!!!!" < sounds like something from the Lego Ninjago Movie. XD
    3. whatever peels your bananas
    4. "I told him NOT to choke, it was very nice I assure you." < That was gold
    5. *Angelic voices start singing*
    6. "I can't believe this! The Easter bunny ripped us off!"
    7. "I'm hungry... When's lunch?"
    8. "Can I be the Element of........ Surprise!"
    9. "But not just any shoe, a clue shoe!" < I love how that rhymed
    10. "Search it...." I told her, trying to look intimidating while standing next to Carter. It wasn't easy though since he's quite a bit taller than me.
    11. "Is that a lamp you're holding in my face?"
    12. "So it's true then!" I gasped, "Oh Janet how could you! How could you do this to your family? How could you do it to the younglings?! Look at what you've done to that poor innocent child who was expecting to find eggs full of candy!"

    Oh man, I loved SO much more I can't even list it. That was probably my favorite of your stories yet!
    Fantastic job, Katie! Thanks for bringing such a big smile to my face today. :D


    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you SO much! I literally can't tell you how insanely happy it makes me to hear you enjoyed this story so much! :D I laughed so hard when I saw your list XD I'm honestly so thrilled that you liked so many things about it and that it had you laughing! Thank you SO very much! :D
      -Katie :)

    2. No worries!!!! You are so welcome! Also, it was such a coincidence because I am actually reading Sherlock Holmes for school!


    3. Lol really? That's so funny! XD what a coincidence!
      -Katie :)

  3. This was literally the best story I've seen in so long! I love love loved it! All the pictures were absolutely perfect, and Molly is completely and utterly hilarious! I'm so glad you're back and I can't wait to see more stories. <3
    ~ The Human

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! I honestly can't believe how popular this story is, thank you so much! :D thank you! I'm so excited to be back :)
      -Katie :)

  4. Welcome back, Katie. This photostory makes me laugh. It's one of the best I've ever read.

    1. Thank you so much, McKayla! I'm super excited to be back 😀 Wow, really?! That honestly means so much to me, thank you! I'm so glad I was able to make you smile! Have a wonderful day!
      -Katie :)

    2. Yeah, making people smile is what doll blog posts are about. Have a wonderful day, too.

    3. Definitely! :) Thank you!
      -Katie :)

  5. Awesome as always, Katie! Where did you get Molly's dress? I'm jealous ;)


    1. Thank you so much Just AG! Lol my mom made it for the Waltz Flowers in The Nutcracker photo series XD
      -Katie :)

    2. Aww! Wish I had those sewing skills! (I can't even do a decent skirt, hahaha)

    3. LOL it honestly just takes practice, it took forever for me to actually make something decent that wouldn't fall apart XD and my mom's been making doll clothes for as long as I can remember. Just remember to follow the pattern, take it slow, and don't forget to press your pieces, the finished product is always SO much nicer when you do :)
      -Katie :)

    4. Wait really? That's awesome! Oh, okay! Thank you for the tips!!!

    5. Thanks! No problem :) hope it helps!
      -Katie :)


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