Oogie Boogie Song - Disney Lyric Photo Shoot

Tan - Oogie Boogie Man

Red - Sandy Claws

Orange - Lock (Jack-o-lantern)

Pink - Shock (Witch)

Purple - Barrel (Skeleton) 

Black - The Three Troublemakers (Lock, Shock, and Barrel)

*Be on the lookout for a hidden Micky head in each post this month, and please enjoy!*



Well well well, what have we here?

Sandy Claws huh?

Ooh, I'm really scared!

So you're the one everyone's talkin' about...

Ha ha ha!

You're jokin'

You're jokin'

I can't believe my eyes

You're jokin' me, you gotta be

This can't be the right guy

He's ancient 

He's ugly

I don't know which is worse

I might just split a seam now

If I don't die laughing first

When Mr. Oogie Boogie says

There's trouble close at hand

You'd better pay attention now

'Cause I'm the Boogie Man

And if you aren't shakin'

There's something very wrong

'Cause this may be the last time

You hear the boogie song







Oh, he's the Oogie Boogie Man

Well, if I'm feelin' ansty

And I've nothin' much to do

I might just cook a special batch 

Of snake and spider stew

And don't you know the one thing

That'd make it work so nice?

A roly-poly Sandy Claws

To add a little spice!




I'm the Oogie Boogie Man

Release me now
Or you must face the dire consequences

The children are expecting me
So please, come to your senses

Ha! You're jokin'

You're jokin'

I can't believe my ears

Would someone shut this fella up?

I'm drowning in my tears

It's funny, I'm laughing

You really are too much

And now, with your permission
I'm going to do my stuff

What are you going to do?

I'm gonna do the best I can

Hit it!


The sound of rollin' dice
To me is music in the air

'Cause I'm a gamblin' Boogie Man
Although I don't play fair

It's much more fun

I must confess

When lives are on the line

Not mine, of course

But yours, old boy
Now that'd be just fine

Release me fast or you will have to
Answer for the heinous act

Oh, brother

You're something

You put me in a spin!

You aren't comprehending
The position that you're in

It's hopeless

You're finished

You haven't got a prayer!

'Cause I'm Mr. Oogie Boogie

And you ain't going nowhere....


"Oogie Boogie Song"
- Ken Page 
(The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Y'all knew I had to get a shoe shot in there somewhere XD Welcome, my dear friends, to the first annual Halloween Disney Villain Takeover! A month full of our favorite spooky, quirky, and most vile Disney bad guys portrayed by the dollies of All Doll'd up. The dolls are pretty stoked to say the very least :D Kicking it off was our favorite bag of bugs (Or least favorite if bugs aren't your thing, don't worry we don't judge here ;)) from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Pretty creepy dude isn't he? while I didn't want to go exactly off the original scene I hope it still felt true to Oogie Boogie, really wanted Molly's portrayal to be spooky but fun, not sure if I got a real equal amount of creepy and silly though XD This is honestly the most work I've put into a post sooooooo long, like straight up Nutcracker style work and effort XD I hope you enjoyed this post and will stick around this month and see the craziness that happens when the villains take over! Definitely be on the lookout for a hidden Mickey in each post this month as well! Have an extra spooky day everyone!

-Katie :)


  1. I love this idea so much Katie! The sheer amount of work that this took is quite obvious. Like, the costumes must have taken forever, along with the setting, and not to mention the actual posing the dolls for the photos and typing this all up! I can tell you're very passionate about this blog still, and this is a level I can only hope I make it to someday!
    My family never really liked The Nightmare Before Christmas(I think my mom thought it was too "scary"), but I quite like it. I think it was the perfect choice to kick off what is hopefully more posts like this:)
    I think having a hidden Mickey in each post is a really nice touch(if I could only find it...hm...is it the green skeleton perhaps?)

    I just can't wait to see what you do next! I've been loving every single one of these photoshoots so far, but I just feel like they get better with time. I'm sorry if this comment is a little on the long side, but I just love this post so much!

    1. Thank you so SO very much my friend!!! It definitely was a huge amount of work lol! So I'm really thrilled to hear it paid off :D I definitely still love this blog so much and what I get to do here, and almost having to quit makes me even more thankful for this outlet :) and I think you put a huge amount of work into your blog as well and are already at that level and beyond! :D
      Ah yeah, I've never seen the whole film as my family finds it a bit too weird as well, but I LOVE the soundtrack and the unique and quirky style and storyline of this film, it's so original! :D thank you so much!! I think you just might be right! Good spotting! B)

      Thank you Diamond! That really means the world and I hope you'll enjoy the ones to come as well!! And no worries girl this comment is literally so encouraging to me and makes me even more inspired and excited about our next villain to take the stage ;)
      -Katie :)

  2. This post was so, so cool, Katie!! I can definitely see the amount of effort that went into the photos and such. Great post.

    1. Thank you very much, Sarah!! It really means so very much and I really appreciate it :)
      -Katie :)

  3. That is so cool! I watched the Nightmare Before Christmas in art class last year (and my teacher expected me to get work done with it on!) and I think you did an amazing job on this! Those costumes are literally fantastic! Molly's dress is so pretty yet villainous. I can't wait to see what you are going to do next.
    Also, is the Léonie doll yours? She's a beautiful doll.

  4. This is such a cool idea, Katie! I can really tell how much work went into this and it definitely paid off! I love the touch of the hidden Mickey. (Even if I can't find it XD) And I can't wait to see what comes next! <3
    ~ Megan


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