Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

(Uh, excuse that weird reflection on Molly's glasses)
Hello everyone! It's Super Bowl Sunday and my dolls just finished watching the Puppy and Kitten Bowl so I thought I'd share a few pictures of them watching with the pets! We'll be introducing you to the rest of the doll's pets, so let's jump in!
"Hey! That's my hot dog!"
All the pets love Kirsten :)
Ok, are you ready to meet the pets?
This is Purrsila, she is Jasmine's cat and is easy going and loves to be petted :)
Here is the original little dude! Boo became Molly's pet after I received him for Christmas the year I bought Molly. He is a sweet and energetic dog that always stays by Molly's side.
Then we have Kit's dog Grace. Grace is very sweet and very clumsy, which is how she earned her name.
Wishbone and Gigi are a cute pair! They're always together and don't mind taking a nap every now and then too ;)
Chloe is Connie and Katie's cat, she is very frisky and loves playing with all the animals, whether they want her company or not.
Grumpy is, well, Grumpy! She belongs to Lucy and Malorie and likes to be around people but also likes her time by herself too.
This is Maryellen's dog, Scooter! He's an older dog so he's usually sleeping or sitting on Mary's lap.
Here is little Butterscotch, He's Emily's puppy and is very energetic, but is a little shy too.
And of coarse Coconut! He's a happy little guy who always brings a smile to the face of others :)
Woo Hoo! We hope you have an awesome day watching football! (Or cats, or dogs XD ) Let us know who you're going for! Have an amazing day y'all!
- Katie :)


  1. Cute! I love all of the pets! Sadly, we have on TV, so we can't watch football. I guess we'll have to settle for cats and dogs. ;)
    ~ The Human

  2. Cute! Who did you/your dolls want to win?

    1. Thanks! We were going for the Eagles, who where you going for?
      -Katie :)

    2. I was going for the Patriots.... :( But hey there's always next year, right? XD

    3. Oh OK, Oh yeah! The Patriots are a pretty good team and have a good chance of winning next time :)
      -Katie :)


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