Kit's Photography Catastrophe - Photo Story

Hey guys! I'm posting my first photo story, yay! I hope you like it. It took a while to make, especially when my dog who hates having his photo taken started to photo bomb a ton of my pictures... LOL XD. Hope you enjoy the photo story! Let me know in the comments what's your favorite part :D

( In Kit's point of view)
It was a cool September day when I stood on the front steps of the house. With my camera in hand I observed my surroundings. "What a beautiful day" I said to myself.
Then I saw a grove of trees with grass and flowers, it was picture perfect!
I held up my camera, pushed the button to take the picture and.... Nothing happened.
"What?" I said looking at my camera.
I tried again but it still didn't work.
"Awe man! Why are you always giving me trouble."
"Well, I guess I'm not taking pictures today" I thought to myself.
I walked off the porch steps into the yard and noticed Janet taking pictures of her dog, Wishbone, with the new camera she had just bought.
"I bet Janet doesn't have these kinds of problems with her camera." I grumbled to myself as I walk over to Janet.
"Hey Janet," I said as I approached.
"Hi Kit!" Janet replied with a smile. "Are you taking pictures too?"
"I was, my camera's broken,"
"Oh no! can you fix it?" She asked me.
I looked at my camera, I really had no idea what was wrong with it. But I still replied, "Maybe?"
"I'm going to head in and help Maryellen with lunch, but maybe after we can look at your camera and see if we can fix it" She said placing her hand on my shoulder.
"Thanks Janet," I said. Me and Janet have always been best friends, and photography has always been something we both really enjoyed.
Janet started walking towards the house to help Maryellen with lunch when I yelled "Janet wait!"
Janet turned around as I set down my camera and ran over. "Hey Janet, uh do you think I could use your camera for a little while?"
"Uh, well... I guess so, just be careful with it," Janet said as she handed me her camera.
"Thanks!" I answered. Janet walked up the steps then asked "Kit, do you know how that camera works?"
"Of coarse I do!" I said quickly. "I've been using cameras for 14 years, I've got this.
"Wait, you've been using cameras since you were born? Kit that makes no-"
"Never mind," I said interrupting her. "I've got this, you go inside and help Maryellen with lunch. I'll take chili with lots of cheese and please tell Maryellen to go easy on the salt this time?"
"Nice try Kit, your getting ham sandwiches and carrot sticks like every one else," she said before she went inside.
"Rats," I thought to myself. Well at least I can take pictures now. Now lets see, where should I take pictures?
"Nope, not here,"
"No not here"
"Definitely not here"
"Ah ha! this is perfect!" I exclaimed.
I held up the camera the same way I did mine and found that there was no where to look through.
I can't ask Janet, that would be so embarrassing, I've got to figure this out.
Maybe I look through this thing on the front... Hmmm guess not.
After what felt like forever, I figured out where to look through. "Yes I did it!" I said happily.
I got ready to take the picture and decided that I should take the picture from higher up.
I looked around and a tall tree. "Yes! this is perfect!"
I climbed the tree as high as I could,
held out the camera to take a picture. Then realized that I had no idea how to get the camera to take the picture.
"Ugh seriously!? Why do you have to be so difficult to work!" I yelled at the camera as I started shaking it in my frustration.
Then it slipped out of my hand *cue gasps from the audience* 
"NOOOO! I screamed as I raced down the tree.
I reached for the camera.
"Oh no," I sighed, there was a huge crack across the lens.
All I could do is cry, what was I going to tell Janet?. She trusted me with her camera, and I broke it. Then I herd someone walking towards me.
"Kit lunch is- Kit? Are you ok?
I turned my head away so Janet wouldn't see my tears. "No."
Janet leaned against the tree and asked me, "What's wrong?"
I put the camera on my lap. "Oh Janet, I'm so sorry! I was up in the tree and I wasn't being careful, I so so SO sorry." I cried.
"Oh Kit," Janet said sadly as she pushed a button which I'm guessing was the power button but I have no idea.
"I'm sorry Janet. I promise, I'll pay you back. I'll do chores until I have enough money so you can buy a new one.
Janet looked at me questionably, "You'll do chores? You hate chores."
"I know I do."
"But it cost $82 dollars."
"I've got this Janet."
So for the next few months I did every chore I could find, I did the laundry....
Correction, I attempted to do the laundry.
I made the beds.
"I've totally got this! 1...2..3.."
I even walked the dogs.
"1,2,3,4, and 5. Yep, I've got everyone.
"Now who's ready for a walk?!"
And a few months later I had $82 dollars! "Here you go Janet, I did it!
"Thank you Kit! It means a lot to me that you worked so hard so I could buy a new camera."
"Don't mention it," I said with a huge smile on my face.
"By the way, I fixed your camera!" Janet said handing me my camera.
"Holly guacamole! Thanks!"
"Well, I'm going to go buy my new camera, do you want to try it out when I get it?" Janet asked as she started walking out the door.
"Uh.. Well if it's all the same to you, I think I'll stick with my old camera.."
"I think if I try to get a new camera to work again I may go nuts!"
Have an awesome day everyone!
Katie :)




  1. Oh my goodness!!! This is honestly one if the best photo stories I have ever come across! You worked so hard on it, and did you make the cameras? Because they're sooo cute! The photos were mind blowingly amazing... nobody would ever be able to tell this is only your second blog post! It looks as if you've been doing this for a long time, because you mastered this! I loved the chores photos... they were hilarious! Wow. That's all I can say, I'm just really impressed with this!
    ~Sammy and dollies

    1. Wow thank you so so much Sam! That means so much to me, I was so nervous that maybe the post was too long or not interesting enough so your comment made me really happy :) Yes, I did make the cameras! If you want I can make a post on how to make them :D Oh my goodness thank you! LOL I think that's my favorite part too ;) Thank you Sam, you seriously made me the happiest person in the world.
      Katie :)

  2. WOW! Great job Katie!!!! Kit is ADORABLE!!!! I love the picture of her hand sticking out of the laundry, LOL! You are doing an amazing job! Janet seems super sweet (-; I think the name really suits her.


    1. Thanks Jewel! Hahaha yes I love that picture too. Awe thank you! Yeah Janet is very sweet, when I got her my mom wanted me to name her Margo.... I think she thought that she looked like Margo from Despicable Me LOL XD I love your new profile pic by the way!
      Katie :)

  3. LOL! Thanks! Yeah, It's the N pop girl from the Lego Ninjago Movie blind bag series, I am so excited to see that movie! Also, (little secret) I have been working on my first photo Photo Series! It's in Kit's POV, so it was kinda a coincidence that you put this up today!




    1. That's awesome! She's so cute! Oh my goodness I can't wait to see that movie! I think I'm going to see it in theaters! You are?! That's awesome! I can't wait to see it! I'm hoping to come out with a photo series sometime in October :D LOL that is funny, I wasn't even originally going to have it in her POV. Hahaha thank you!

  5. Aw. This is such an amazing photo story! Kit is so sweet and Janet is so kind. The cameras are so so cute! Plus that is exactly how I look when I try to do the laundry. ;) I cannot wait to see more of your posts because I loved this one!
    ~ The Human

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah they are :) Thanks, I actually made them! LOL me too! I don't even really know how to work my washer LOL, my mom has shown me but I still get confused XD. Awe thank you! you're so sweet :)
      Katie :)

    2. Ok, so wow! The cameras are amazing! You have to do a tutorial!!!!!
      ~ The Human

    3. Thank you! Ok, I'll try to do that soon!
      Katie :)

  6. P.S. I love the pictures of the camera falling out of the tree! They are so cool!

  7. Oh, I loved this!! :D This was such an amazing photostory (I can't believe it was your first one!) Those cameras you made are just too cute. I really need to make one myself :) That is exactly what I look like while attempting to do chores, Kit. XD

    -Rebekah |

    1. Thanks Rebcake! You should! They're actually pretty easy, I made it for Molly so she'd have a camera for vacation. I got the idea from American girl ideas and modified it so I could use what I had :) Kit: Yeah, chores are really hard! I probably should of tried a lemonade stand LOL XD
      Katie and Kit :)

  8. What a sweet story! I love this blog and look forward to reading more of your dolls' adventures!

    1. Thank you Janet! That means so much to me :)
      Katie :)

  9. This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As Rebekah said I can't believe this is your first one!


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