The Christmas Photo Contest!!!

Yo, Yo, Yo, What's up guys! It's Molly McIntire, the star of The Nutcracker!
Along with Maryellen Larkin who's staring as Abigail in A Very Special Christmas! A two part photo series that Katie has basically neglected to tell you guys anything about!
Katie: No I have not! I'm just keeping it a surprise until after Nutcracker is over.
Uh yeah, sure Katie.
And we've got something super cool to tell you about!
Maryellen: Yep! We had so much fun with our last contest seeing your entries and putting together prizes (and we hope you had just as much fun!) that we decided to do a Christmas Photo Contest!
Molly: So, do you want to see what you could win?
The prize package includes.... A mint candy Christmas dress that Grandma (Katie's mom) made,
A poinsettia hair pin,
And a dolly sized stocking that will even have a few surprises!
Molly: Uh sorry, dollies not included.
But if you want a doll...
You can have Jasmine.
Jasmine: What?!?! No they can't!
Katie: Molly! Jasmine is NOT a part of the contest prize!!!
Jasmine: UGH!
Molly: It was worth a shot!
Okay, I guess I'll have to finish this without Molly,
We highly encourage you to join our contest! We think it will be a lot of fun! Merry Christmas y'all!
Back to you Katie!
Thank you Maryellen! Yes that's right! We're holding another contest! We all hope you have fun! Ok, so this will be pretty much the same as the Halloween contest, you may have as many dolls in the picture as you want, it could be a beautiful Christmas portrait, or maybe your dolls will be re-enacting a scene in your favorite Christmas movie, or maybe your favorite part of Christmas. The possibilities are endless! Here are the rules and info, I hope you have fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
How to enter!
You have from now until midnight on Dec 10th to enter your Christmas picture of your doll(s). You can email your picture to me at Please include your name/nickname, your dolls' name(s), and the name of your picture, and if you have a caption you can include that too. Your entries will be posted on Dec 11th. When posted people will be able to vote through the comments to determined the winner. *NOTE: I will NOT be choosing the winner nor will I be voting, I will however use a random name picker if it ends in a tie* Voting will end at midnight on Dec 16th and the winner will be announced on Dec 17th.
You must ask a parent's permission to enter if your under 18, because if you win I'll need your address. You may only send one picture. No inappropriate pictures or captions. You are allowed to vote but no voting for yourself. I'm sorry, but USA and Canada only.
Ok! Good luck to all! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Have an awesome day!
- Katie :) 
P.S. It's 20 days until Christmas! (did you think I wouldn't remind you?)



  1. YAY! I am totally entering. (;


    1. Yay! I can't wait to see your entry!
      - Katie :)


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