Does My Mom Know AG?

Why hello there! How are you today? I hope life is totally epic! So last August I quizzed my mom on her AG knowledge while driving to my Grandfather's house, and I'm just now getting around to posting it! Yay for me XD I was going to do this as an audio recording with a slide show, but being currently in invisible aligners I have a lisp. So I didn't end up doing that XD so I hope you enjoy reading it instead. Please excuse how many times I said "ok" as well.... Oh! And if I feel like I need to add anything, I'll talk in parentheses. :)
Me: Ok, are you ready?
Mom: Yeah.
Me: What was unique about the tags on the cloth of the white body American Girl dolls? Where they,
A. Made out of canvas with the doll's name, date, and the entails P.C. on them?
B. Made out of paper?
Or C. There was no tag at all?
Mom. I have no idea... But if I had to guess I'd say no tag at all.
Me: Nope, B. They were made out of paper.
Mom: Ok.
Me: I thought that was kind of weird, honestly. Why would they make it out of paper? Anyways...
Mom: So you're testing my American Girl doll knowledge?
Me: Yes I am!
Mom: That sucks.
Me: *Bursts into hysterical laughter* I think you know a lot.
Mom: Well apparently not....
Me: Well that was kind of a hard question. Honestly, I don't know where I found that one. I was just like "Oh hey! I randomly found out one day that they're made out of paper! Let's see if mom knows!"
Mom: No, she doesn't.
Me: Ok, so who's my second favorite out of my American Girl dolls? You know my first favorite is Molly, so that would be too easy.
Mom: ...... I would guess Emily.
Me: Yep! You got it!
Mom: Who's your third?
Me: Uh.....
Mom: Avery?
Me: *Odd noise that I don't know how to describe* I love Avery so much, she's awesome! I don't know, I don't think I could honestly chose a third-
Mom: Kit?
Me: Huh?
Mom: Kit?
Me: Kit!....... Saige? Oh my gosh Saige!
Mom: I like Kit a lot, so....
Me: Yeah, Saige honestly has a special place in my heart because I wanted her when I was little. (You weren't that little Katie XD)
Mom: That's cool!
Me: Yeah.... Then I decided not to buy her because-
Mom: She was hard to find!
Me: *Laughs* You did a good job fixing her up, she fixed her up by the way!
Mom: Saige was in pretty good shape luckily, all I did was curl her hair.
Me: Yeah, Saige is fabulous! Ok, who was Girl of the Year 2013?
Mom: Saige?
Me: Yeah.
Me and Mom: *Start laughing hysterically*
Me: Ok, (<Stop saying ok, please... you say it way to many times in here XD) Who was the historical character that lived in the year 1812?
Mom: Samantha?
Me: No,
Mom: Kirsten?
Me: Nope....
Mom: All the other dolls?
Me: *Laughing again, no shocker there* It's Caroline.
Mom: I like Caroline :)
Me: Caroline's cute! I don't think I could manage her hair honestly.
Mom: But she's beautiful though.
Me: She is, she's got really incredible eyes.
Mom: She's beautiful, and she's got a cow :D
Me: She does have a cow. *Laughs* That sounds weird.... She has a cow!!!
Mom: It's a beautiful cow!
Me: It's red.
Mom: It's a she cow! (It's actually a boy if I remember correctly... But I could be wrong)
Me: She just like has this red cow, Yeah!
Mom: Maybe we'll be able to find one at the thrift stores!
Me: There you go! That would be awesome! Okay, so... Who was the last doll to be produced before Mattel put the hard plastic eyelashes on the dolls?
Mom: Ugh!!!
Me: You got this Mom! I told you about this one time.... Think about it really hard.
Mom: ....... Was it Felicity?
Me: Nope, Josefina.
Mom: Josefina!
Me: Yeah, she was the last one to be done by Pleasant Company.
Mom: Does your Josefina have soft eyelashes?
Me: Yep! She was only produced with soft eyelashes for a year and mines a first addition so.
Mom: Score one for me! I got her because she was awesome-
Me: She is awesome!
Mom: I didn't know she was a first addition.
Me: Yeah, neither did I. We just kinda randomly found out, someone on Facebook was just like "Hey! This is how you tell if your Josefina is a first addition!" and I looked at mine and was just like "Oh hello!"
Mom: Same as Addy.
Me: Yeah and Addy's the same thing. She's a first addition so she has gold eyelashes and everything. Ok, are you ready? This one's really hard.
Mom: *Horrified glance*
Me: *Dying of laughter* I wish you guys could have seen the face she just gave me XD Can you name the order I got my American Girl dolls?
Mom: *Another glance of horror*
Me: I actually think you've got this one.
Mom: Molly and Emily...
Me: Yep..
Mom: Maryellen?
Me: Yep..
Mom: Then Kit.
Me: Yep...
Mom: Then I'm thinking it was....... Kirsten?
Me: Nope.
Mom: Oh! Avery!
Me: YES!
Mom: Then Kirsten!
Me: Yes!
Mom: Samantha?
Me: Uh huh...
Mom: Then..... Felicity?
Me: Yes!
Mom: Then you got Saige! And then you got Josefina.
Me: Yep.
Mom: Then you got..... Addy?
Me: Yep! You got three more....
Mom: Ummmm, then you got Julie.
Mom: Then Parker and Sarah.
Me: Yes! You got it! I.... have no idea what question we're on, I think 5? Who's Kit's best friend?
Mom: Ruthie?
Me: Yep! American Girl had one movie that appeared in theaters, which one was it?
Mom: *How am I supposed to know that glance*
Me: *Laughing* I love all these faces you're giving me XD
Mom: I can't even imagine...
Me: It's a historical.
Mom: It should have been Molly!
Me: I KNOW RIGHT?! See, she thinks on the same grounds as me. We both love Molly!
Mom: Molly's story is the best!
Me: YES!
Mom: ......
Me: Think about the one I really hate.
Mom: The Kit movie.
Me: Yep!
Mom: Not that you hate Kit!
Me: No, I just really don't like the movie. It's just SO far off the story. I about cried watching it, me and my best friend who had Kit-

Mom: It's like Toy Story 3!

Me: Exactly! It's like Toy Story 3! (< That movie makes me cry too XD) Me and my best friend. I had gotten the movie for Christmas so we sat down and watched it at our sleepover, and we were both on the verge of tears! We were just like "Oh gosh, OH GOSH!!!" So yeah.... That went well! XD

Mom: I don't understand why they have to stray from the stories.

Me: I know right?!

Mom: The stories are perfect just the way they are!

Me: Yeah, Molly's story changed quite a bit in the movie too.

Mom: I like her books.

Me: Me too.

Mom: That was one of the first full books you ever read.

Me: Yeah! That's how I learned to read, guys. Molly's books.

Mom: Yep, they were cool. I think I enjoyed them as much as you did!

Me: Yeah, mom would read them with me :) Ok, I have no idea what question we're on at this point in time.... (I left my notebook with the questions on it at home so I was trying to do this off memory) No clue....Ok, let me think..... *Lovely clicking noises* Which characters are retiring this year (2018)?

Mom: *Glances at me*

Me: *Laughing, laughter, laugh*

Mom: Uhhhh, let me see.... IT'S NOT MOLLY!!! SHE'S GOING TO COSTCO!

Me: Oh yeah! Molly's going to Costco guys! (LOL You already know that XD) I'm not excited about it.... I'm just like "YOU GUYS CHANGED MOLLY!!!!"

Mom: Aren't they retiring Addy?

Me: No, they cubed her. Which means they're only selling her online and at flagships.

Mom: With no descent clothes or collection...

Me: I KNOW RIGHT?!? They just totally whiped out her collection!

Mom: They're messing her up anyways, (Along with all the other historical dolls) If you want an Addy buy used.

Me: Exactly, guys. The original Addy is GORGEOUS!

Mom: Buy it used, get an old one, you'll love it more.

Me: They're so much prettier, especially if you try to find a first addition Pleasant Company. You can tell they're first addition by the symbol on the back of their neck (148/16)

Mom: I like the used dolls better.

Me: Me too.

Mom: I like the older dolls, I like the Pleasant Company a lot!

Me: Yeah.

Mom: It's like.... Preserving the real American Girl.

Me: Yeah... And don't be afraid to buy used guys. I know it sounds kinda terrifying like there's going to be something wrong with them but they're honestly just awesome! Plus you're giving a doll a second chance at life.... Me being all poetic over here! Wait..... W-what question was I asking?

Mom: Just like Toy Story......

Me: Oh gosh that movie has scarred me for life, guys. I can't get rid of toys now, and I blame that movie fully! We did, what was that song? When She Loved Me?

Mom: Yes!

Me: For my pointe dance and I'm just like "Oh my gosh what if I start crying? This song makes me so upset!" I had one teacher who filled in one day and she kept saying, "You guys need to smile!" and I'm just, "This movie has scarred me for life! I'm just trying not to cry! This pathetic little smile is about the best that I can do!" and she's like, "How did this movie scar you for life?" and it's just like, oh only if you knew....

Mom: Then your doll's just look at you like, "What do you mean girls outgrow their dolls?" (Oh my I forgot she said this.... Thanks for that scarring thought mom XD)

Me: Exactly.

Mom: That's not going to be you right?

Me: NOPE!!! I honestly can't see me ever stop loving dolls.

Mom: You'll just be a collector.

Me: Yeah.

Mom: I know lots of them!

Me Oh yeah! We know all these cool adult collectors and they'll take their doll's with them to fabric stores to buy stuff to make doll clothes, they're awesome! Ok, so there are four characters and-

Mom: Z?

Me: Yep

Mom: ...... I have no idea who else.

Me: I'm going to give that one to you anyways.... So there's Z, Tenney, Logan and Gabriela.

Mom: They're retiring Logan?!

Me: Yes.

Mom: That's kinda funny!

Me: Yea..... You guys probably got the idea but I don't like the boy dolls. Neither does my mom. It's kind of funny that I ended up with Carter, then I'm just like "Oh I must make clothes for Carter!" XD

Mom: Carter has a purpose though.

Me: Yes! Carter is here because I couldn't bring myself to use one of my girl doll as the Nutcracker and love interest. Carter was a doll we bought for my business and we couldn't fix him, we tried. So instead we just cut off all his hair and were like, "We're good to go!"

Mom: His face is also kind of sunken in.

Me: Oh yeah, you might have noticed this, but-

Mom: And his hair was really bad. Super SUPER long haired Target doll.

Me: Oh yeah! Do you guys remember Lucy? I know she doesn't appear on the blog very often (If you'd like to see here she's on the Meet the Dolls Page) but she has this super long hair that goes down to the floor. I believe they're called "Hair Play" dolls or something like that. But that's what Carter is. So he also has a hole in the top of his head...

Mom: They're like Rapunzel dolls.

Me: I didn't realize that when I bought Lucy, so I was just like "Oh wow! Her hair is really, REALLY long!" and it gets knotted in like, five seconds XD but I can't bring myself to cut it.... So yeah.

Mom: It stays in a braid.

Me: Yeah it's usually braided like you see in "The First Thanksgiving" and those posts. Ok, I don't know how many questions we've done so far. I just totally lost track, but you got six of them right! *Noises as weird as I am to help me think...*

Mom: So why do you like Molly's books so much?

Me: Wait me or you?

Mom: You.

Me: Um, I don't know! I just, I think it's cool to see this this different time period and Grammy and Pa were born in that time so I find it interesting. So, I don't know...

Mom: It's a very interesting time period... And Molly's pretty spunky.

Me: Molly is very spunky! Do you know what's funny? Is that most of my dolls are nowhere near what their personalities are like in the books! So-

Mom: Except Molly?

Me: I don't know I think Molly's pretty far from her character in the books. She's very bazaar, she's very wacky. Nobody quite understands her, they just kinda humor her like, "Ok Molly, if you want to wear to different color knee high socks you know...."

Mom: She's eccentric?

Me: Yes! She's insane! I don't remember any of the other questions......

Mom: So if you were to get any other dolls who would you get?

Me: Grace! (LOL guess who appeared under the Christmas tree XD)

Mom: Grace is awesome! We fell in love with Grace because.... The pictures that Jewel did on her blog!

Me: Oh my gosh yes!

Mom: Never cared much about Grace until I saw those pictures!

Me: Both of us never liked Grace, we both just thought she wasn't very pretty. Then we saw Jewel's blog, and that was the first post I'd seen by her. Her photos are just stunning and we just fell in love with Grace so, I can blame you Jewel! It's your fault! (Hehe JK!)

Mom: Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Me: Very, very talented! Extremely talented :) Ok..... Do you know what, I'm just going to call that ten questions. I can't think of any more questions.

Mom: Those were good questions, even though some of them were REALLY hard ad I messed them up!

Me: LOL that's ok! You got six out of ten(?) though!!!

Mom: I thought it was going to be like, "Which doll is your favorite?"

Me: Oh no, it was a quiz! *Evil mad scientist laugh* Yeah, I didn't quite tell her that.... I'm also going to tag some of you guys to do this with your parents! So, let's see...
The Human! Yes! You shall do this with your mom! (If you want XD) Have a blast!

Mom: You must tag Jewel!

Me: Jewel! Yes! Since we gave you a shout out and you're awesome :D

Mom: Still loving that ninja costume!!!

Me: Yes! The Human, when you sent that in for the contest both me and my mom were just like "Oh my gosh look at that costume it's so awesome!!! We both freaked out, it's just so awesome :)
(So the next person I tagged is no longer blogging so I'm going to tag Tess from Silver Sky Dolls instead :)

Mom: We should tag the sisters!

Me: Yes totally! The sisters from AG Doll Crazy! You have been tagged! And then, let's see.... It's so sad because I keep thinking of people who no longer blog! I miss you guys so much!!! If you still view my blog I miss you :(

Me: Rose! From a Doll-op of AG! She spells her blog a DOLL-op of AG! Get it? It's awesome and I love it!

Mom: That's awesome! You guys are all so creative!

Me: I know! You guys are honestly so inspiring to read your posts and everything, you're all amazing :) Ok, so that's five people tagged! Thank you so much for reading guys! Bye! Say bye mom!

Mom: Bye!!!

If you made it all the way through than thank you so much! I hope you have a blast with the tag and if you want to do it too than totally feel free to do so! So ask your mom or dad 10 questions, tag 5 people :) I love you all and I'm so thankful for you! I just hit 30 followers and I'm overjoyed :) It wouldn't be possible without you! Thank you so much for the time you take out of your day to read my posts, it means the world! Have a blessed day everyone!

- Katie :)


  1. "She's beautiful, and she's got a cow :D" THAT IS BEAUTIFUL.
    I can't wait to do this with my mommy <3

    1. LOL I think she likes the cow even more than the doll XD YAY!!! I can't wait to read it, I hope you guys have fun! :D
      -Katie :)

  2. That was so wonderful! You guys are so sweet!!! You and your mom's personalities were really coming through! It was so cute and silly and... great! What a fun post, Katie! Also, you got Grace because of my pictures?! I saw your Grace doll in the last post, and she is SO beautiful. :) I can't express enough thanks for the compliments, but thank you so much! <3 Your Mom is awesome. Also, thank you for tagging me and my mom! This sounds so fun!


    1. Awww thank you so much Jewel! We had a lot of fun and I'm so glad you enjoyed :) Yep! I never really liked Grace, I just didn't feel she was anything special. But when we saw your blog we were blown away! You do such a beautiful job of capturing how stunning she actually is and I just ended up loving Grace :) Thanks! I'm so excited to have her! Aww you're welcome! Thank you! I told her and it brought such a big smile to her face :D I hope you guys have a blast, I can't wait to read it!
      -Katie :)

      P.S. Sorry I haven't been commenting lately! I've been back and forth to my Grandfather's house for about a month. We're home right now but it's been really busy cleaning the house and waiting in case we have to go back.

    2. You're welcome! Thank you so much! Yay!

      No worries! That is SO much more important. <3

  3. Hey!! Were are back to blogging! Thanks for tagging us! We are working on the tag right now!


    1. Hi Haley!!! Yay! I saw that the other day, I'm so glad you're back :) Awesomeness! I hope you guys have fun!
      -Katie :)

  4. When I saw the title I was like, "Yes! These are the best posts ever!" I can't wait to this with my mom, although I'm not sure what she'll say... XD Your mom is super funny, tell her I say 'Hi'. I think it's hilarious you guys liked that costume so much because it was literally two long pieces of cloth and a pair of tights. Zero effort went into it. XD I loved reading this, and I hope you have a great day! <3
    ~ The Human

    1. Yay! I love these kind of posts too, it was so fun do. Awesome! I can't wait to read it! LOL XD Hahaha yes, she's hilarious XD she says "Hi The Human! Love your blog, you're super talented!" ( < I agree, you are super talented :)) It was so awesome though! And really creative! I'm so glad! It honestly makes me so happy that you enjoyed and I'm so excited to be back :) thank you! I hope you have a great day too :)
      -Katie :)

  5. I like the historical ones, too and a few GOTYs. All of the AG dolls that my sisters and I have were bought used. My sister has Caroline, and since she's from ebay her hair is a mess. She's still pretty cute, though.

    1. Yes, same! Oh that's awesome! Buying used is SUCH a great way to go! :D most of my dolls are either from eBay or thrift stores. Cool! Caroline is such a beautiful doll, if you guys ever need any advice on fixing the hair I'm always here :)
      -Katie :)

  6. Cool. I buy almost everything I own from thrift stores and ebay. Aww thank you. I'll be sure to tell her.

    1. Awesome, same here! No problem :)
      -Katie :)


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