Look Who's Back Again! - Vacation Photo Shoot

Hello friends! Hope your having a fabulous day! I just got back from my family vacation a couple weeks ago and I took a TON of pictures! So hopefully you're prepared XD Before I dump the Obi-Wan approved high ground of pictures, what do you think of the header image? I've never done one like it but I hope it makes you laugh :) Ok, hope you enjoy!
My mom made the dolls these matching outfits :)
My mom took pictures too, good job mom! <3
Molly and Janie.
LOL y'all are probably like, "Wait what?! Where did she come from?!" Well... Ivy was a birthday gift from my parents, but because my birthday was right in the middle of all that happened I never had the chance to properly introduce her. So.... Surprise? Don't worry, there will be a photo story coming up for you to get to know her better!
We ended up driving down Route 66 (Which was a blast!) and hit some museums! The dolls loved it! I made both Ivy and Molly's outfits and my mom made Janie's.
I think Molly wanted to go in XD
There was this really cool mural in one of the museums :D
"I'm starting to second guess this family..."
The Grand Canyon Caverns were honestly so amazing! I wasn't able to get pics while on the tour, but enjoy these I took by a giant T-Rex! 
"Uh, Molly?"
"Ivy, what? Can't you see I'm admiring the epicness of this world?"
This was so hard to do XD It's kinda funny how used to my dolls falling I've gotten, they fell over while I was trying to take this and my mom gasped. I was just sitting there holding my camera in one hand seeing if I got the shot and blindly feeling around for the dolls with the other XD
Not in my town!
LOL Ivy actually almost fell with all the wind *-*
Ok! So my mom made Janie's dress and I made Ivy and Molly's outfits :)
"I'm watching you."
"...... Say what?"
My mom made these outfits including the hats.
I think Janie won....
Mom brought these little toy animals for Janie to play with <3
Fear him.
I really like this one ^
"Does anyone remember the way back?"
I seem to be oddly drawn to the shoe shots.... Is that like a condition? Shoe photography disorder or something? Because if it is I think I have it XD
Then all too soon it was time to go home. I took these before we left, I made all these outfits as well.
PHEW! That really was a lot of pictures! XD I honestly had so much fun on vacation, I didn't want to leave, but it's good to be home :) I hope you all liked the pictures! Have you gone anywhere for Summer vacation? Do you like doll shoes? Let me know in the comments!
Have an awesome day friends!
-Katie :)


  1. The pictures are great! I like all the homemade clothes! I especially like the first outfits, they are so cute! Your vacation looks like it was a lot of fun, I wish that I could go on vacation! I haven't gone anywhere yet, but towards the middle of August my family will be going to my Aunt's cottage.
    Doll shoes are cute! Yes, I definitely like doll shoes. I'm so glad to see that you have posted again! I've missed your posts, but totally understand that things have been going on ;). Can't wait to see more posts from you!
    -Haley <3

    1. Thank you! Yeah they were a lot of fun to make, my mom made the first ones :D it was! We had elk come over and let us let them, saw a fox, even a few deer! Oooooo! That sounds like it's going to be a blast!!!

      I know right? I have an odd obsession with them XD Thank you so much! The fact that you miss my posts just makes me feel so special <3 Thank you!!!!

    2. Doll shoes are amazing!

      Wow! I haven't ever seen an elk, but have seen fox and deer. Actually were we live we see deer all the time.

      Have you seen our new doll blog yet?

    3. Yes! XD

      Oh wow! That's really cool that you see deer there often! We see more pronghorn than deer where I live.

      Umm, I believe I have, is it since you moved to WordPress?
      -Katie :)

  2. These are so amazing! You and your mom are so good at sewing! I can sew a little, but not as good as that. I am definitely and irresistible drawn to doll shoe shots as well. We should really start a support group and treatment center for others who suffer from this condition. X'D It looks like you had so much fun! Oh, and I can't wait to meet Ivy properly. :) Also, I'm literally holding my breath for the new dollhouse tour!
    ~ Megan

    1. Thanks so much Megan! :D girl you're amazing at sewing! Like literally everything in your Etsy shop blows my mind! Lol why are they so irresistible? Yes we definitely do XD we did! I did have several people ask "What's the deal with the dolls?" though, and when I explained to them what I do they literally all said the same thing, "oh! So you take pictures of them in different places like the Travelocity nome?" XD XD XD Yay! I can't to for you to properly meet her! DUDE!!! I totally forgot about doing that! I'll definitely try to get that done soon! :)
      -Katie :)

  3. Haha! Looks like you guys had a great time! Me and my family are going to take a road trip to British Columbia this summer! I'm really looking forward to checking out all of the stops along the way, including High River which is home of the TV show, Heartland! And yes I agree, doll shoes are the cutest!

    Kaitlyn - Kaits AG Crafts

    1. Yes! We definitely had an awesome time :D Oh! That sounds like so much fun! :D I've seen Heartland, that's going to be so awesome!!!! Yes they are!
      -Katie :)

  4. Get your kicks on route 66. *First thing I thought of when you mentioned Route 66* Major Cars movie vibes.

    Yay! I've been to route 66 before! Oh my gracious, the outfits you and your mom make are adorable! I especially loved it when the dolls all matched. :) ALSO>>> IVY!!! She is so cute. XD I love Molly's exclamations. XD Oh, and your shoe shots were great. "Shoe photography disorder." LOL (I have been prone to that myself). One more thing: that piggy back pose was amazing and inspiring!!! :D AWESOME JOB, KATIE!


    1. Lol YES! XD

      Yay!! That's epic! :D Awww thanks so much! We had a lot of fun making them! Lol thank you! I kinda have an obsession with her hair right now XD Hahaha thanks XD Thank you! Lol yup, I'm pretty sure it's a real condition ;) Awww thank you so much Jewel!!!
      -Katie :)

  5. These pictures are so cute! It looks like you had a blast on vacation. Now I wish I could go on a trip... *sighs*
    Those matching outfits are adorable!

    1. Many thanks Diamond! We truly did :) I hope you'll get to go somewhere fun soon! Thank you!!!
      -Katie :)

  6. LOVE THESE PICTURES SO MUCH. I thought I was following your blog but I guess not. Huh. Anyway, Ivy is adorable and you're so lucky to have her and YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY IS AMAZING.

    1. Wow thank so much!!! I'm so glad you like them!! Lol no worries :) Thank you! I'm honestly kinda obsessed with her XD Thank you so very much!!!! I can't tell you how much that means to me!
      -Katie :)

  7. You're so welcome! The outfits are amazing, too.

  8. Katie, you should know better!!! DSPD (doll shoe photography disorder) is nothing to joke about! It's a very serious yet common condition. *says the girl with a shoe picture as her profile* XDXD JK, OFC! XD

    Amazing sewing skills. And Ivy? I think it's too late to switch families. You're sunk. XDDDDD jkkk!

    1. I know it was in very poor taste, please don't send your wrath upon :0 XD

      Thanks so much!!! Lol yeah, there's no escape, she's trapped now XD
      -Katie :)


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