All Doll'd Up Q&A - Please Leave Questions

Hello, hi, how's it going friends? Since it's the 2 year blogiversary of All Doll'd Up, I thought I'd do a Q&A to celebrate! And quite possibly a giveaway ;) I took some pictures to go along with this post just so it's a bit more interesting. So I hope you enjoy and will participate! Here's how it will work....
(Sarah and Sam are so cute, I think even though Samantha can be overwhelming that they're good sisters)
So, *rubs hands together* questions can be entered in the comment section below. You can ask as many or as few as you'd like!
But please understand that I cannot answer questions like, where I live, my age, if I can mail myself to Chick-fi-la headquarters, etc. this is information I cannot put out publicly.
I should however tell you that if you ask 10 questions and enter the giveaway coming up that you'll get an extra entry! There is no limit on the extra entries you can earn, ask 10 questions, get 1 extra entry, ask 20, get 2, etc.
Questions can be for any of my dolls, me, or both.
You can ask questions until October 16th, and I will be posting the answers on October 18th along with the giveaway winner (But we'll talk more on that later ;))
You can ask questions by commenting down below
Questions can be for me or my dolls
Please don't ask anything too personal
Ask 10 questions to get an extra entry in the upcoming giveaway
Questions can be asked from now until October 16th, and on the 18th I'll be posting the answers
I hope you all will participate and enjoy getting to know my dolls and I a bit better! I'm hoping to post info on the giveaway and how to enter that on Friday. thank you all so much for reading this! If you have any questions about this feel free to ask :)
Hope you have an amazing day!
- Katie :)


  1. 1) what are some of your favorite songs?
    2) what's your favorite piece of doll clothing you own?
    3) what do you think of the ultra-pale skin tone?
    4) why did you start your blog?
    5) what does your dream dollhouse look like?
    6) what's your favorite book?
    7) summer or winter?
    8) are you planning on getting any more dolls?
    9) is your bed made up?
    10) what, truly, is going on with molly and carter? DO I SMELL A SHIP
    11) what's your favorite thing to do outside?
    12) do you still do dance?
    13) what is the meaning of life?
    14) if you had to be an animal, what would you be?
    15) opinion on cousins?
    16) shorts, skirts, or pants?
    17) how long do you keep your dolls in the outfits they're wearing?
    18) what do you want most from AG right now?
    19) what's something you wish AG would bring back?
    20) what's your favorite etsy shop?
    21) what's your myer-briggs type?
    22) where is gamora?
    23) what's your favorite tv show?
    24) what does your bedtime routine look like?
    25) why do you like your dolls?
    26) do you like musicals?
    27) if so, which ones are your favorites?
    28) favorite youtube channels?
    29) first crush?
    30) hats or no hats?

    it's so exciting that you've reached 2 years of awesome blogging! keep up the good work katie, the doll community isn't dead yet! <3

    tess //

    1. Wow! Thanks so much for all the questions Tess! I'm so excited to answer them! :D

      Thank you so very very much! I appreciate you and your support more than I can express! Yes! It's up to us to keep it alive and to inspire others to keep playing and keep dreaming :)
      -Katie :)

  2. 1. Potato chips or French fries?
    2. Molly or Samantha?
    3. Do you play any instruments?
    4. Of all your dolls, which is your favorite?
    5. What is your favorite part of doll blogging?
    6. Favorite fruit?
    7. Favorite vegetable?
    8. Do you like vegetables?
    9. What is your favorite sport?
    10. Favorite color?
    11. Favorite animal?
    12. Favorite book?
    13. Reading or writing?
    14. Black or white?
    15. Can you do a back handspring?
    16. What is your favorite type of dance?
    17. Do you like stuffed animals?
    18. Chocolate or vanilla?
    19. Favorite candy?
    20. Basketball or volleyball?
    21. Do you paint your nails?
    22. Julie or Ivy?
    23. Pens or pencils?
    24. Math or science?
    25. Cake or pie?
    26. Sleep in or wake up early?
    27. Penguins or polar bears?
    28. English or history?
    29. Do your dolls all have birthdays?
    30. Do you celebrate your dolls birthdays?

    Congrats on two years of blogging!!!

    - Emily

    1. Thank you so much for all your epic questions Emily! I really appreciate it :) Thank you for all your support as well!
      -Katie :)

  3. Oooo, so excited!
    For your dolls:
    1- What is the most annoying thing your sisters do?
    2-favorite season?
    3-what is your favorite pass time?
    4-what is your least favorite subject in school?
    5-what is the worst thing Katie has ever done to you?
    6-who is your favorite of all your sisters?
    7-what is your favorite book?
    8-what is your favorite holiday?

    For you:
    9-what is one of the best parts about blogging?
    10-what is one of the worst parts about blogging?
    11- which of your dolls is most like you?
    12-which of your dolls is the most special to you?
    13-favorite GOTY?
    14-Favorite Beforever? (retired or not?)
    15-how do you come up with personalities for your dolls?
    16-what is your favorite breakfast?
    17-dream holiday?
    18-favorite music genre?
    19-favorite decade?
    20-favorite movie?

    I think that's all I've got. Congrats on two years! That is such a huge accomplishment! I'm so thankful I can call such an amazing blogger my friend. <3
    ~ Megan

    1. Awww thank you Megan! I'm so glad we became friends through our love for dolls, you're awesome girl! ;D thank you so much for all the questions as well! I really appreciate it! 😁
      -Katie :)

  4. Hi Katie! is there a limit to how many questions we ask?
    Does that count as a question??:):)XD

    1. LOL nope! There's no limit :) thanks for checking!
      -Katie :)

  5. For You:
    1. Do you like pizza?
    2. Ice cream or Popsicle?
    3. What is your favorite thing to do in Summer?
    4. What about winter?
    5. What is the first thing that comes to your head when you hear the word "American"?
    6. Do you enjoy reading?
    7. If so, what is one of your favorite books?
    8. Do you have any siblings?
    9. If so, what do you enjoy doing with them?
    10. Do you like road trips?
    11. Where is your favorite place to be?
    12. What is your favorite thing about your bedroom?
    13. Fav school subject?
    14. Do you like rain?
    15. Photo stories or photo shoots?
    16. Do you where makeup?
    17. Fav restaurant?
    18. Do you like candy?
    19. Do you like camping?
    20. Which of your dolls is most like you?
    21. Do you like plays/musicals?
    22. If so, do you have a favorite?
    23. Have you ever been in a play/musical?
    24. Sweater or sweatshirt?
    25. What do you do on rainy days?
    26. Science or math?
    27. Homeschooled or public school?
    28. What is your favorite outfit?
    29. Most daring thing you ever done?
    30. Lots of friends or one close friend?
    31. Do you like styling hair?
    32. What is your favorite scent (lemon, cinnamon, cookies, ... etc)?
    33. Pens or pencils?
    34. Do you keep a journal?
    35. Best blogging or photography tip?
    36. Do you wake up early?
    37. Scariest doll incident?
    38. Open or closed?
    39. Do you spend your money or save your money?
    40. Do your dolls have a house?

    For the dolls:
    1. Janet, do you enjoy being oldest?
    2. Jasmine, what is you best hair styling tip?
    3. Roxanne, what is the best pizza topping?
    4. Julie, what is something you love?
    5. Felicity, fav part of school?
    6. Molly, craziest thing you ever done?
    7. Saige, fav thing to do?
    8. Kit, favorite sport?
    9. Parker, favorite video game?
    10. Salia, best way to spend time relaxing?
    11. Grace, do you like baking?
    12. Avery, what is the best thing you have crocheted or knitted?
    13. Maryellen, what is your fav thing to cook?
    14. Emily, what is your favorite book?
    15. Ivy, what is one of your hobbies?
    16. Samantha, do you have a favorite color?
    17. Kirsten, what is the coolest thing you have found thrifting?
    18. Olivia, what is your favorite hiking experience?
    19. Kiera, do you like animals?
    20. Josefina, do you speak any foreign languages?
    21. Addy, what is your best corny joke?
    22. Sadie, what do you put on your tacos?
    23. Leonie, what is something you love doing?
    24. Lucy, do you like singing?
    25. Malorie, what songs do you like to play?
    26. Ester, what is your fav food?
    27. Katie, what is your fav sport?
    28. Connie, what is your fav outfit?
    29. Sarah, what is something you like to do?
    30. Willa, do you like stuffed animals?

    I can only be fair and say, if you don't have the time you don't have to answer all these questions. I may have gone a bit overboard, but seeing only a few people have responded to your post...
    Well, yeah. I tried to ask the doll questions according to their personalities. And the questions for you are just random questions I thought of. I never realized how many questions you can ask someone!
    Congrats on two years. That is a big accomplishment! I can't wait to seem more of your posts in the future! You do an amazing job! <3

    Have fun with the questions!
    -Haley <3

    1. Oh no I appreciate all the questions so very much! I'm especially excited that you asked some for each doll :D Lol I know right? I think my ballet teacher thinks the same thing when I ask question #17 in our hour and a half long class XD Thank you so very much Haley! I really appreciate your support through these two years more then I can express :)
      -Katie :)

  6. 1. Do you like art?
    2. What is your favorite food?
    3. Vanilla or Mint?
    4. Do think you will get more dolls?
    5. Pen's or pencil's?
    6. Do you like photography?
    7. Summer or Winter?
    8. Spring or fall?
    9. What is your favorite color?
    10. Write or draw?
    11. Sing or dance?
    12. Favorite sport?
    13. Do you like strawberries dipped in chocolate?
    14. What is your favorite candy?
    15. Favorite doll clothing?
    16. Do have any pets?
    17. Do you like crafting?
    18. Do you like school?
    19. What is your favorite American girl doll?
    20. Water or soda?
    21. Sew or paint?
    22. Jam or jelly?
    23. Favorite desert?
    24. Kayak or canoe?
    25. Swim or skate?
    26. Skirt or pants?
    27. Do you like reading?
    28. Mechanical pencils or regular pencils?
    29. Babies or toddlers?
    30. Have you ever heard of the Girls of many land's American girl series?

    Congrats on two years of blogging!!! I may have some questions for your dolls in the near future!


    1. Awesome! Thank you so much for your epic questions Abbey! And thank you for your continued support on my blog!
      - Katie :)

  7. Hi! I've got some more questions!
    1. Jasmine, what would you do if you didn't have time to do your hair and makeup?
    2. Roxanne, what is the most dangerous thing you have done?
    3. Julie, do you like sports?
    4. Molly, is your favorite movie finding Nemo?
    5. Spring or fall?
    6. Favorite Ag doll of all time?
    7. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
    8. Pizza or hotdogs?
    9. What would you rather do: doll blogging or ballet?
    10. Do you like raisins?
    11. Meow?
    12. Water or juice?
    13. Do you like swimming?
    14. Would you rather have vacation on the ocean or lake?
    15. Favorite part of ballet?
    16. Violin or ukulele?
    17. Do you have your ears pierced?
    18. Which of your dolls have there ears pierced?
    19. Have you ever been paddle boarding?
    20. What is your favorite bible verse?
    21. Jewelry or no jewelry?
    22. Are you a dare devil?
    23. Can you knit?
    24. Down or up?
    25. Have you ever read Island of the blue dolphins?I
    26. How many things do you own that are American girl brand?
    27. Jeans or leggings?
    28. Have you ever been ice skating?
    29. Have you heard?
    30. Have you heard the song have you heard?

    1. Hi Emily! Thanks so much for these questions and for taking the time to ask so many! I can't imagine how long it took for you to come up with these and write them out, but I appreciate it so very much!
      -Katie :)

  8. Congratulations on two years with All Doll'd Up, Katie! Sorry, I'm late with this!

    1. If you could choose one retired AG doll to have for free, who would it be?
    2. If you can choose one, who's your favorite doll you own (doesn't have to be AG)?
    3. What's your favorite doll themed post you've done so far?
    4. Favorite Historical Doll?
    5. If you could design one product for AG, what would it be?
    6. If you had three minutes to take anything from the AG store for free, what would they be?
    7. Our Generation products or American Girl products?
    8. If you could create a Historical Doll, what time period would she be from?
    9. Thoughts on boy dolls?
    10. What are you top three dream AG dolls?

    1. Forgot to add, this is Kaitlyn from Kaits AG Crafts!

    2. Awww thank you so much Kaitlyn! Oh no you're not late at all! Sorry it took forever for me to reply, I've been sick off and on and in Colorado. I appreciate the questions so much though! Thanks a million!
      -Katie :)

    3. I hope you feel better soon!

  9. When are you posting the giveaway post? I don't mean to bother or anything, and totally understand if you are a little bit late, but I am just wondering what Friday you meant. ;)

    1. Hi Haley, I was going to post it the Friday after this was posted but due to being sick, a trip to Colorado, and house work everything just got thrown all over the place. So sorry it's late!!! I'll be posting as soon as I can and will be changing the date for when the winner will be announced. So sorry for any inconvenience.
      -Katie :)

    2. Thanks! It is totally ok. I get what happened. It seems like stuff always gets in the way of posting, so I know how you feel. I'm excited for the giveway, but I can wait....I think. Would you like us to reblog it once you have it up?

    3. Thank you so much for understanding, it seems that every time I try to get better at consistent posting something always happens. I'm going to hopefully post it Friday. I won't be doing extra entries for reblogs, but I would appreciate it so very much! Thank you!
      -Katie :)

    4. I wasn't thinking of an extra entry, lol. I don't think I need it...but I will reblog it on A Crazy Doll Life, and maybe on my personal blog also. Hopefully you can post tomorrow! Can't wait to see the giveaway item/items!

  10. 1: Reading or Writing?
    2: Books or Movies?
    3: Do you own any doll brands besides AG?
    4: If you have mini dolls which one is your favorite?
    5: Least favorite dessert?
    6: What is your favorite thing to make for your dolls?
    7: What time do you generally wake up in the morning?
    8: Favorite junk food?
    9: Sci-fi, fantasy or both
    10: Who's your favorite Leverage character?
    11: Marvel or DC?
    12: The LEGO Ninjago movie or. TheLEGO Ninjago TV show?
    13: What's one retired doll or accessory that you have always wanted but never gotten?
    14: Favorite non-AG doll?
    15: Lea or Kanani?
    16: Chrissa or Jess?
    17: Favorite Marvel movie?
    18: Pancakes or waffles?
    19: Favorite Taylor Swift songs?


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